Late Periods Problem | What To Do When Periods Are Late?





As the world is progressing, we are becoming more and more busy in our daily lives making our health always an issue.

A healthy lifestyle has just turned out to be a major challenge for all of us. And yes it becomes a greater challenge for all the females out there who have to deal with their periods and simultaneously with the fast running society.

Well with periods come the problems associated with it. One of the most reported being the late periods problem.

Nowadays this problem is becoming quite common among the young ladies and girls. Well, our changing lifestyle is definitely what is influencing our period.

What To Do When Periods Are Late?

Some women have sudden late periods problem while some may have the tendency of having late periods.

Most women have asked about what to do when menstrual cycle is late. Now in case of period cycle are late, workout on the various possible reason for why periods are late.

In case you are sexually active, get a pregnancy test done. Late periods are often a sign of pregnancy. If such has happened once in a while or two, then it may really not be a matter of concern.

But in case there is occasionally late periods problem, then it may be due to one of the most common reasons Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS, as it is spelled, refers to cysts in the ovaries.

This problem is affecting every 1 out of 10 girls in the world due to changing dietary patterns, harmful chemicals in foods, disturbed sleep, stress etc.

It results in the increase in the male hormones hence abnormal hair growth, weight gain, acne and problems in conceiving.

See a doctor for immediate medication if you suspect such. There may also be possibilities of other health issues.

Further, in other cases late periods could be corrected through home remedies like abundant sleep, eating healthy, light exercises, eating warming foods like jaggery and milk, soaked cumins, etc.

Maximum Delay In Periods When Not Pregnant

During pregnancy menstrual periods are absent for about 9 months which is absolutely normal.

While in normal conditions the maximum delay in periods when not pregnant can be up to a 6-9 days or so if no health issues persist.

Whereas in conditions like PCOS or other major health issues there have been examples of missed periods of up to 6 months and more in the worsts of situation.

There may also be complete absenteeism of periods posing a major health issue if there is no menopause.

How To Get Periods Immediately If Delayed

Periods can be really troublesome sometimes. Late periods problems can be really annoying in case you are planning to a trip or some work. So here are some tips for how to get periods immediately if delayed:

  1. Take proper 8 hours sleep
  2. Reduce your stress levels
  3. Eat foods like papayas, potatoes, aloe vera, fenugreek, cumin seeds, carom seeds, soya milk, jaggery, turmeric, ginger and other body warming foods.
  4. Apply warming oils or heating pads on your abdomen to stimulate the shedding of uterus wall.
  5. Hormonal medications such as Norethisterone tab (generally not recommended without prescription).

Medicines To Get Periods Early

A variety of medicines are recommended for stimulating early periods. Medicines to get periods early can be in the form of contraceptives or hormonal medicines.

Such medicines without the doctor’s advice can pose a threat in the long term resulting in even cancers.

Avoid using contraceptives and go for the light and slow medication as prescribed by the doctor. If possible, in nonsevere situations, opt for home remedies.

It’s true that the medicine used to¬†stop or delay periods is also used to get periods early, but with different doses.



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