Implantation Cramps | How Long Does It Last

Implantation Cramps


Pregnancy may be the most awaited and precious moment of a woman’s life. Longing for your little bundle of joys may make every moment really precious.

For some of the women, their body may try to signal them about the impending happiness quite early.

Implantation cramps and implantation bleeding are among some of the most important signs during early pregnancy.

How Long Do Implantation Cramps Last?

Discussing implantation cramps, lets us discuss how long do implantation cramps last?

With the onset of implantation, some may start to witness light cramps along with some bleeding.

Implantation cramping and bleeding may not stay for long and soon may diminish. For implantation cramps, they usually last for 1-3 days and not for greater periods.

It ends with the end of the implantation process. But implantation bleeding how long?

For implantation bleeding, it normally lasts for only two days and in the rarest of the cases, it may extend to one month or two.

What Does Implantation Look Like?

Now starting with this topic most of us may want to know more about implantation and what does implantation look like.

Picturing implantation, just after fertilization the embryo attached itself to the wall of the uterus, this is known as implantation and may be visible in the form of brown or dark red colored blood spots.

Implantation Cramps Feel Like 

A woman has to experience some kind of cramps for about half part of her life. These are the menstrual cramps.

Now in case of pregnancy too, a woman may have to deal with the certain intensity of light initial implantation cramps.

Implantation cramps for most of the women go unrecognized as implantation itself is one of the minutes of the actions in the body.

It may go unnoticed for many women while others may have to deal with it. Implantation cramps feel like a sensation involving tingling, pricking, pulling pain in the lower abdomen.

This usually tends to happen during the time of your PMS i.e., around a week or 10 days before your periods.

Where Do You Feel Implantation Cramps   

Where Do You Feel Implantation Cramps

Now since implantation pain is similar to your period pain, the sensation of the pain or the implantation pain location is also similar to that of period pain location.

Now, where do implantation cramps hurt?

Implantation cramps usually occur in areas of the lower abdomen towards the uterus. While some may also feel pain in other areas like the lower back.

Some women may experience the implantation cramps on one side of the body while others may feel it on both the sides or directly in the middle.

The implantation cramps in the earliest of the phases are usually on the left side but further when the attachment takes place, it depends upon the side where the placenta attachment is done.

In case the implantation has taken place on the right, you will experience implantation cramps on the right side and so is the case with left side implantation.

When Do Implantation Cramps Occur     

Now for those asking when do implantation cramps occur, implantation cramps usually occur a week or ten days before your impending periods or better say, around eight to ten days after ovulation.

Well, when does implantation cramping start? It starts just when the fertilized egg implants itself on the wall of the uterus. But there is no exact estimate of the implantation cramp timing.

 Implantation Cramps Vs Period Cramps     

Implantation cramps tend to look much similar to that of period cramps majorly because of the area of pain and its timing.

But in reality, there is a huge difference between the implantation cramps and period cramps. Lets us know in detail implantation cramps vs period cramps.

Implantation cramps occur only at the occurrence of pregnancy while periods cramps are a signal that there is no pregnancy.

Implantation cramps occur just before pregnancy while period cramps occur in every 28 days.

Periods cramps are usually significant and are experienced by a majority of women while implantation cramps are may not be witnessed by a lot of women since it is a very light intensity and may go unnoticed.

Do Early Pregnancy Cramps Feel Like Menstrual Cramps   

Do early pregnancy cramps feel like menstrual cramps? Ye,s many times you may tend to confuse the pregnancy cramps with the menstrual cramps but it must be taken care of that menstrual cramps can be of a higher intensity and can last for a longer time.

In case you have doubt or are expecting pregnancy, get your checkup done sooner after the cramps end.

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