How To Swaddle A Baby And For How Long?

How To Swaddle A Babyhow to swaddle A Baby

Swaddling a baby involves a few techniques and if it is asked how to swaddle a baby then the answer is that it is an art to swaddle a baby with proper support and comfort.

How To Swaddle A Baby Step By Step

How To Swaddle A Baby Step By Step

 Following are the steps which show how to swaddle a baby step by step:

  • The first step is to lay out the blanket on a flat surface. Arrange it in a diamond shape, the size of the blanket should be at least around 40” x 40”.
  • Fold the top part of the muslin down. This depends on how tall the baby is.
  • Place the baby on the blanket in such a way that the neck of the baby is on the fold. You need to make sure that neck and head of baby get proper support.
  • Now gently place the arm of the baby at its side and hold it in its place. Try to observe how your baby is more comfortable. Just move the baby’s arm into position in which he/she is more comfortable.
  • Pull one corner of the blanket over the body and tuck it to another side. Now repeat the process with another side of the blanket’s corner.
  • Now when you are done with the left and right side corner, pull the bottom side corner of the blanket upwards to the center of baby’s shoulders.
  • Fold the corners in such a way that it creates a V neck.

Make sure that it does not get heated much.  Try to use the light material blanket or muslin (use cotton material preferably).

Different Ways To Swaddle A Baby

There are different ways to swaddle a baby such as simple swaddle, burrito wrap or hands up swaddle etc. which are adopted according to the growth of the baby.

Elaboration of all the techniques and ways are described under the upcoming heading because ‘how to swaddle a baby’ is not easy to answer when it comes to the protection of the baby.

Swaddling Techniques

Hands Up Swaddle

Hands Up Swaddle

  • Hands Up Swaddle
    Hands up swaddle is used in the first couple of weeks when a baby is born. It is one of the swaddling techniques. Hands up swaddle let baby’s hands and legs in their natural position. Babies’ hands are kept near to their face and the legs are in a frog position. Until babies stretch their legs out, the best technique to swaddle them up in the hands up swaddle.



  • Burrito Wrapburrito wrap


  1. Burrito wrap works perfectly with large rectangular or square shaped blankets.
  2. The blanket is firstly placed on a flat surface. The blanket should be large enough to cover the body of the baby. Now fold one corner down and try to give a diamond shape with a rectangle blanket.
  3. Now place the baby on its back with a top line of the diamond blanket just above the neck.
  4. You can now leave baby’s arms out or you can tuck them inside the blanket.
  5. Now what you have to do is to cover the baby’s body from the right side of the blanket and tuck it on the left side.
  6. Now fold the remaining part of the blanket from the bottom and tuck it to the top.
  7. Basic idea is to cover the body of a baby as a burrito wrap.
  • Simple SwaddleSimple Swaddle
    This swaddle technique is used when the baby grows a little more. This is used when motor skills of babies are developed. Babies wake themselves up with their hands and legs movements. 

Take a square-shaped muslin, place it on the surface and then fold the corner downwards around the length of one hand.

Place baby on the top of the muslin with the neck just above the fold line.

Put the left arm of the baby down by the side and same with a right hand to their right side. Place the left side muslin across the body and repeat with right side muslin too. Now remaining part of bottom muslin is to be tucked at the top.

Swaddling Baby How Long

Swaddling should be stopped when baby starts moving or roll over. When a baby feels like removing the blanket with hands and legs due to suffocation that shows it is the time to stop swaddling.

Swaddling baby for how long does not have one common answer because it may vary from 1 month to 3 months age of a baby.

Swaddling A Baby Pros And Cons

Swaddling baby pros and cons are described below-


  • It is a great sleeping aid, getting your baby sleep is a difficult task so swaddling helps a lot in making baby sleep. Babies feel warm, safe and tucked in they are more likely to feel relaxed in the warm place.
  • It helps the baby to calm down. Swaddling has an amazing ability to calm down the baby because they feel warm, safe and they are more likely to stop crying while swaddling. It provides comfort to the babies.
  • Babies are always safe when swaddles because they do not have the opportunity to move here and there so it protects their delicate body parts from getting harmed.


  • It leads to pain in hips because baby sleeps in a straight position for whole night which puts pressure on the hips.
  • If the baby is swaddled up tightly then it can lead to leaving some rashes on the body or if baby’s neck does not get the proper support of the muslin then neck ache can also be experienced by the baby.

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