How To Host A Baby Shower | Baby Shower In India

How To Host A Baby ShowerHow To Host A Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is an amazing way to celebrate and bless a mom-to-be. From cute invitations to funny games, baby showers always give an opportunity to create memories among friends while also helping the mother to be to calm down and enjoy these moments of life.

Rainbow baby shower cannot be easy for the mom to be because of the previous experience. She had lost the child due to any reason, what matters now is that it sometimes become difficult for the mother to be to feel comfortable in her own baby shower.

So a little extra care will give her the support and love together. Extra care is needed by the mom to be because she feels scared within herself.

The guilt of losing the previous child will make her feel little uncomfortable and will make her think more and more.

So hosting a baby shower should include a lot of fun and craziness that rainbow baby itself kicks the stomach to show happiness. Each field and every aspect should be represented with rainbow colors.

Hosting a baby shower or any other event means to hold the gathering by making them enjoy the program. You can reach out to the guests before the baby shower and ask them to write a small note to the baby.

It could be about the birth of baby or sibling or just a note for remembrance. Return gifts can also be given as a token of remembrance. Stunning layered cakes will add some more fun in the baby shower.

Above mentioned ideas show how to host a baby shower.

Baby Shower In India

Baby shower in India is also known as Godh-Bharai in Hindi. Godh bharai in English can be understood as “filling the lap with abundance”. In different countries, there are different traditions regarding the baby shower.

It is usually celebrated in the third trimester which means either in 7th month or 9th month of pregnancy. Godh bharai is performed to bless the child who is not yet born (unborn baby) and shower the pregnant mother with a lot of blessings.

In India, godh bharai is done by applying some oil on the body of the pregnant mother.  Mother to get the opportunity to get dressed up in traditional saree and then she is adorned with flowers. Before starting the ritual, pooja is performed.

Baby Shower Etiquette For Mom To Be

There are a few things which should be kept in mind ( baby shower etiquette for mom to be)for celebrating the baby shower.

  • Let other person host the baby shower because it becomes tacky when you yourself host the show. So it’s always advisable to let other person host the show so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.
  • Send invitation cards at least 2 weeks ago to the relatives and friends so that they can do the preparations they needed to do and can be free for the day of the baby shower.
  • Greet each and every guest and look that every guest is served properly or not.
  • Don’t discuss about gifts with everyone. Just keep suspense till the end of the baby shower.
  • Food preparations and plans should be ready and set for a baby shower.
  • It is always advisable for a mother to be to take an adequate amount of rest before baby shower ceremony.
  • In India, mom to be are advised to get dressed up in traditional wear to maintain the uniformity of the ritual.
  • All the decorations should be looked after and preparations related to gifts and surprises should be done in advance without letting others know about it, the baby shower will become more exciting.

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