Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom And Baby

Hospital Bag Checklist

hospital bag checklist

Life is not that easy and being a woman makes it even tougher. Going through all the regular feminine stuff, there is one thought that actually freaks out any woman- The thought of dealing with childbirth and more importantly dealing it in the best way possible.

It’s not just the mother who has the pressure on her but there is always a constant pressure on her husband and her family. Talking about childbirth, you can never be sure about the delivery. Reports say that only a small number of women – 5% according to some figures deliver on their given due date.

Traditionally babies are born three weeks before their due dates or up to two weeks after in normal cases.  So we can say that no mother can be really sure about the delivery date of her child and most of the time they aren’t even prepared for it.

Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom And Baby

pack your bags

Pack Your Bags:

Furthermore comes all the preparations for pre and post childbirth. You can not always just rush from bed to a hospital and especially without your Hospital Bag for baby birth. The time is when you realize that it’s just about 4 weeks to go on your due date.

It’s the time to start preparing to pack your bags and make your hospital bag checklist for mom and baby. You cannot always depend on the hospital for the essentials. There may always arise a question over the availability, affordability or even the quality of the aids provided by the hospital.

Gone are those days when there used to be idyllic joint families with grandmothers keeping the record of all the necessary stuff, today what we come across are generally small nuclear families with a little or no experience of such emergencies.

Most of the times, the mother is a first timer, all fussy and nervous at the same time. So its better in such situations to pack your bags after preparing with your hospital bag checklist.

A separate hospital bag checklist must be prepared for the pregnant mom and the baby in both cases of normal delivery and c-section.

Checklist For Pregnancy Hospital Bag

Checklist For Pregnancy Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag Checklist For Normal Section:

  1. Identity Proofs Proper identity proofs, address proof like Driving Licence, Voter Id, etc must be pack while preparing a checklist for the pregnancy hospital bag. As these are the important documents that you’ll need before and after delivery at the time of admission and discharge from the hospital. It’s also necessary to be carried so that true and correct reports can be maintained.
  2. Health Reports Previous and current health reports of the mother and the baby must be maintained and carried to the hospital.
  3. Insurance Documents If you had planned before pregnancy, you might have Maternity Insurance. You must have to carry the insurance Paper necessary for the documentation, such as the cashless card.
  4. Music or Fun Books Make sure you have something to distract or keep the mother calmed down during the delivery.
  5. Camera or Video CameraIt’s the 21st century and how is it possible for a baby to be born without its first picture or better its first selfie. Keep the camera for recording your child’s first memories.
  6. Fibre Rich Snacks Constipation during pregnancy is quite common, especially in last month. Make sure you carry some snacks rich in fibre so that the mother is not constipated at any point.
  7. Daily Essentials Carry toothpaste, toothbrush, soaps, lotions, massaging oils for mum, lip balms, cotton socks, combs, safety pins, hair clips, headbands,  comfortable shoes, earphones, since the hospital may not provide these some major essentials.
  8. Extra Cash Or Payment Facility- Be ready with enough cash for payment for formalities pre and post delivery.
  9. Mobile Phones And Chargers Carry your mobile phones and so that you are able to inform your family members timely about the baby birth. After all, every blessing is important for the mother and baby.

Hospital bag checklist for C-Section

Hospital bag checklist for C-Section

Generally, in C-section, more cleanliness is required to avoid secondary infection. Hence keep extra sets of belongings like clothing, related things to keep hygiene while packing your bags:

  1. Maternity Gowns-  Loose, clean and comfortable maternity gowns should be kept necessarily for ease during delivery and make sure you can afford to make them dirty or stained since there are chances of breast leaking or blood staining. Moreover, you cannot always be sure about the hygiene of the gowns provided in the hospital itself.
  2. Bathroom Robes And Nightgowns – Clean and dry bathroom robes must be there.
  3. Sanitary Napkins and Nursing pads- Generally the pads provided by in the hospitals are of cheaper quality and maybe old-fashioned or uncomfortable. You must carry your own regular pads for personal satisfaction during such emergencies.
  4. Towels- You must carry your own personal towels clean and soft.
  5. Blankets and Pillows- Keep the pillows or the maternity pillows and blankets to which the mom is habitual.
  6. Home Clothing-  Keep some clothes for the mother to change after the delivery. The maternity pullovers or pants which are loose at the belly so that there is no pressure on the Mother’s abdomen.
  7. Dupattas or shawls- Get something to cover the mother at the time of breastfeeding
  8. Nursing Bras- Pregnancy may commonly result in tender or leaking breasts. Get some bras which can provide good support to your breasts and aren’t tight. Be remember, the breast size may vary after giving birth due to hormonal changes.
  9. Breast Creams And Breast Pumps– Breast creams to apply at the time of any pain or swelling on the nipples and breast pumps to provide the baby with the mother’s milk. Sometimes babies may not be able to suck mother’s breasts.

What Do You Need To Pack For Baby Delivery?

Hospital bag checklist for C-Section

If it’s your first child then it might have difficulty to decide that what do you need to pack for baby delivery. Don’t worry! Find here a complete checklist of what to pack for your cutie:

  1. Baby Clothes-  Carry the cutest and the most comfortable clothes for your baby. Avoid getting new clothes and bring old, used and washed clothes for the newborn. The fabric of new clothing is not recommended for the tender skin of the babies. Get cotton and loose clothes during the hot weather.
  2. Blankets-  Get tiny, pretty and comfortable blankets for receiving your baby.
  3. Infant Diapers-  Get your own baby diapers and avoid using hospital diapers. Make sure the baby doesn’t have to suffer any kind of rashes and feels comfortable in the diaper.
  4. Socks and Caps –  Carry woollen or cotton socks and caps to keep the newborn warm and cosy during cool weather.
  5. Bibs- Get soft textured bibs to make sure you don’t spoil the baby’s garments while feeding the baby.
  6. Pre- Installed Baby Seats In Cars-  Make sure the baby is comfortable while you take it back home. Of Course, you don’t want your baby’s first ride to be full of jerks. Buckle it tight and safe.

Other Precautions To Be Taken At The Time Of Labor

  • Inform some elderly persons or friends and family to be present for assistance.
  • But make sure there aren’t too many people. Avoid a situation of hotch-potch.
  • Don’t wait for the last days and get your hospital room booking or reservation much before the due date.
  • Let not the mother fidget much out of pain or take measures to keep her pacified.

If anything left here that you might think it should be added to the checklist, Please write in comment box. Your suggestions are always welcomed.

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