HIV and Pregnancy | Complications, Sypmtoms & Treatment

Hiv And Pregnancy

The first traceable instance of the infection way backs to 1986 in Chennai and yes there lies a risk of transmission of HIV Infection in pregnancy to the unborn child. A strong quote says “HIV is a virus and stigma can surely be called as a deadly disease”. HIV and pregnancy are the crucial stages of life, so why not take the efforts to save the life of coco child who hasn’t seen this beautiful world.

A report says in 98% of cases HIV transmission from mother to child can be saved. In most cases, HIV will not cross through the placenta. It is acting as a shield and prevents infection to be transferred.

HIV and Pregnancy Complications

There can be serious complications for women diagnosed with an infection in pregnancy stage. Some of the noticeable complications include the following:

  • Anemia is much more prone and frequent with HIV infected women’s and pregnancy complications.
  • Cesarean surgeries have been described as more complicated than the normal deliveries.
  • There are evident cases of series of mental pain and disorder (a kind of depression) in case of HIV Infection during pregnancy stage.

HIV and Pregnancy Guidelines

2010 saw new guidelines for Prevention of mother-to-child transmission and infant feeding practices that should be followed. They will help in eliminating the cases of infection transfer.

HIV and Pregnancy guidelines were developed in association with WHO for Adolescent ART.

  • There is a widely used therapy called antiretroviral therapy (ART) for HIV positive mothers that helps in saving the health of mother and child.
  • This therapy also helps in reducing the complications at the time of breastfeeding.
  • 2010 guidelines proclaim that the treatment should start in the early pregnancy (14 weeks) or may start as early as possible.

HIV and Pregnancy Symptoms

It is advisable that the pregnant ladies should undergo the HIV test and are assured of a negative result. There are certain HIV and Pregnancy symptoms of this problem.

There are certain symptoms at the time of acute or primary infection.

  • Fever and fatigue are the noticeable symptoms which should not be ignored.
  • Lymph gets swollen and there is an acute problem of night sweats.
  • Patients also suffer from neurological disorders such as depression and mental disorders.
  • Pneumonia is also noticeable while diarrhea may last for more than a week.
  • A dry Cough

However, you should not develop this misconception of having HIV until and unless you are tested. It might be possible even if you don’t have these symptoms but still infected.

The immune system is attacked once the virus enters the body and they multiply in manifolds destroying the white blood cells.

HIV Pregnancy Test

The government has taken certain steps to ensure well-being in society. This test is like any other blood test and is given to all pregnant ladies during antenatal test and cure.

This will ensure safety and result in a healthy pregnancy. It would be recommended to take up all the test suggested by the doctor to ensure that the baby is free from any risk.

The goal stands simply to detect the risk at an early stage and to make sure that the baby is not affected.

HIV and Pregnancy Treatment

HIV Antiretroviral Therapy has to be given in Pregnancy. Antepartum, infant antiretroviral prophylaxis is recommended.

A simple test can save the life of women and child. Why not take efforts in this direction? A well-known proverb says “Prevention is better than Cure”…. STOP ACTING BLINDLY, BE FIRM, TAKE CONTROL AND ENJOY LIFE!

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