How To Treat A High Fever in Kids & Adults?

How To Treat A High Fever in Kids & Adults?

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Aman returns from his office late today at 9:30 pm. He is extremely tired and worried about loads of work. Moreover, there is an early morning presentation for which he has to prepare a lot and ensure that everything is in place before he goes to bed. Where is Rahul? he asked Meenal, his wife.

He was not feeling well, so I got him slept early today, Meenal replied. Rahul is their 5 yr old son. After taking dinner, when he went to Rahul, he observed that Rahul was shivering severely.

He sensed something is wrong and immediately used a Thermometer to check his body temperature. And as it turned out, his apprehension was correct since the temperature was 102 F, means Rahul got a high fever.

Now, what should be the Aman’s next step? Definitely, he has to take care his child first.  How should he treat a high fever? If he goes to the hospital at 11 pm, would he be able to prepare for his presentation?

high Fever in kids

protect from Fever

Friends, Such type of situation can come across to anybody. Have you ever thought about? Do you have any preparation?  

Even What.. if, You itself got a high fever and unable to move? What your family will do?

Well! Aman didn’t go to the hospital. He knew how to bring down baby’s high fever.

He took out the medicine from his First Aid Kit and gave it to Rahul.

Within an hour, his temperature went down. The next day, Meenal consulted with his pediatrician and started the treatment.

High fever is dangerous but a sign that something is going wrong in your body. Maybe some viral, bacterial infection or inflammation is developing in your body.

You need to take care of it before it goes to become rampant. Definitely, a sudden high fever or temperature rise to 104 F is extremely risky. You should call a doctor or take your patient to the emergency room. 

If the temperature is 102F or high, you should apply the wet cloth on the head of the patient until the body temperature is gone down to below 100F, so as to protect the brain from heat stroke.

Your body temperature is controlled by Hypothalamus, a part of the brain, and is maintained to 98.6 Fahrenheit(F). In any infection/Injury, hypothalamus raises the body temperature & that leads to high fever.


how to treat a fever

Generally, Paracetamol or Acetaminophen, an antipyretic, is sufficient to control fever.

But it has been observed that our immune system is getting affected day by day due to changes in our lifestyle & eating habits.

Hence the body these days does not give much response to plain paracetamol.

In that case, Paracetamol (anti-pyretic) combined with Ibuprofen(analgesic)[a popular name- IBUGESIC PLUS] provides the better result.


Doses :

IBUGESIC PLUS Suspension (per 5ml contains: Ibuprofen 100mg + Paracetamol 162.5mg] or

IBUGESIC PLUS Tab [Ibuprofen 200mg + Paracetamol 325mg] as per Age.

[Doses should be thrice in a day (repeat 6 hourly)]


Age 1-2yrs [wt-10-12kg]


Doses: 150mg- 180mg of

paracetamol with proportionate

given ratio of ibuprofen

Oral suspension: 4.5 – 5.5ml


Age2-4yrs [wt-12-16kg]



Oral suspension: 5.5ml -7.5ml


Age4-6yrs [wt-16-20kg] Doses:240-300mg

Oral suspension: 7.5ml – 9ml


Age6-8yrs [wt-20-26kg]



Oral suspension: 9ml -12ml  


Age8-10yrs [wt-26-32kg] Doses: 390mg- 480mg

Oral suspension: 12ml -15ml 



Age10-12yrs [wt-32-40kg] Doses:  1 tab of Ibugesic plus


Age12-14yrs [wt-40-50kg]


Doses:  1 tab of Ibugesic plus


Age between 14yrs and 65yrs [wt>50kg] Doses: Adult dose of 1 Tab

of Ibugesic Plus 4 times a day



 [NOTE: If any variation between age and weight, please give doses as per the weight]

when to Call a Doctor :
  • Drowsiness
  • Has a seizure
  • Has a weakened immune system
  • Other medical problem
  • Child less than 1 year

[Please remember to add this medicine to your First Aid Kit]


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