What Is Hepatitis | Symptoms And Causes | Is Hepatitis Curable?

What Is Hepatitis?What is hepatitis

Is Hepatitis Curable? Definitely, this question is obsessed in the mind of every patient who suffered from this disease.

Hepatitis may not always be a really talked about disease. Most of the people aren’t even aware of ‘what is Hepatitis’? 

Basically, Hepatitis is referred to as the inflammation or the infection of the liver that most commonly occurs because of a virus.

These particular kinds of hepatitis viruses tend to attack the liver of a person producing an abnormal protein.

It further leads to liver damage in most of the situations. Hepatitis Symptoms may include fatigue, nausea, fever, abdominal pain, yellowing of eyes, etc. We observe 28th July as World Hepatitis Day’.

Hepatitis Types

types of hepatitis

Hepatitis represents majorly 5 types of diseases. The following are the Hepatitis types Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D and Hepatitis E.

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E are majorly caused by consuming contaminated food and water.

Hepatitis B and C are caused by blood transfusion through syringes, sexually or through mother to child.  

Difference Between Hepatitis A, B, C, D, And E

In general, all Hepatitis symptoms are similar. But they can be differentiated on the basis of their transmission. They can only be diagnosed through a blood test. Keeping it simple we can say that difference between Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E are:

  1. Hepatitis A is noticeable in human excreta and is contracted the earliest by Food poisoning or eating raw food or undercooked foods including fruits and vegetables or drinking contaminated water.People suffering from hepatitis may have fatigue and nausea like symptoms which may vanish in about 2 months. Here the immunity to the virus is developed for a lifetime then. In most of the cases, Hepatitis A vanishes on its own while the liver recovers within a period of 6 months. but in some cases, it becomes chronic if left untreated. Hepatitis A is curable after ample rest, precations and medicines.
  2. Hepatitis  B is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing needles or any kind of contact with contaminated blood. It is treatable but may turn out to be life-threatening in some cases exceeding for more than 6 months. You should be cautious during Hepatitis B because  B-hepatitis become incurable if left untreated. 
  3. Hepatitis C is too transmitted generally through contaminated blood like piercing, sharing needles, but unlike hepatitis B there are rare chances of it being spread through sexual intercourse. 
  4. Hepatitis D is much similar to Hepatitis B and is transmitted in the same manner. Here the virus is transmitted only if there is an earlier presence of hepatitis B virus in the body. It is also known as delta virus.
  5. Hepatitis E is similar to Hepatitis A as it is transmitted through the digestive system. Mostly Hepatitis E also recovers on its own but there are always some exceptions. Hepatitis E is Curable after proper treatment.

Causes Of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is deadly and here are some hepatitis causes that must be acknowledged:

  • Hepatitis A and E– Consuming unhygienic or uncooked food, raw shellfish, contact with an affected person. It is generally found in Indian subcontinents and can be fatal to pregnant women.
  • Hepatitis B, C, and D- Having unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing needles, transmission from mother to newborn child or any other contact with foreign blood which may be carrying the respective virus. As mentioned earlier Hepatitis D can only invade in the presence of Hepatitis B virus.

These causes of hepatitis are not restricted to this but can also include overconsumption of alcohol or an autoimmune condition. Hepatitis causes may seem similar in general but the hepatitis symptoms for them can last for a very long period sometimes for even more than six months.

Hepatitis Symptoms

hepatitis symptoms

All types of hepatitis have common symptoms include:

  • a yellow tinge to the skin and the whites of the eyes, normally starting at the head and spreading down the body
  • pale stools
  • dark urine
  • itchiness
  • fatigue
  • abdominal pain
  • weight loss
  • vomiting
  • fever

Acute Or Chronic Hepatitis

Now talking about Hepatitis, observing the Hepatitis symptoms and its severity it can be categorized into Acute or Chronic Hepatitis.

Acute refers to short-term inflammation while Chronic refers to long-term inflammation. If the symptoms of hepatitis vanish within six months, it is Acute hepatitis whereas if they are persistent for more than six months, then these symptoms indication is of Chronic hepatitis. Acute hepatitis is curable and the virus become non-active after a certain time period.

Chronic hepatitis can prove to be life-threatening and severe. See a doctor immediately if there are signs of chronic hepatitis.

Is Hepatitis Contagious?

 There are various myths about spread of Hepatitis as casual contact, saliva, shaking hands, kissings, sharing food being some random hepatitis causes. Well, the question always arises, Is hepatitis contagious? And the answer is No.

Hepatitis cannot spread through the above-mentioned paths i.e., physical or casual contact but hepatitis can definitely spread through blood transfusion or sexual contact with an affected person.

Is Hepatitis Curable?

Is Hepatitis Curable

Hepatitis being an unvisited disease may go unnoticed at times and strike at a later stage where it becomes critical.

But Is Hepatitis Curable? And the fact is that in most of the conditions Hepatitis is curable if detected at the right stage and allowed to recover.

Hepatitis A and E generally heal on their own. Chronic cases of Hepatitis may not be curable in all situations but they can be treated or reduced with proper medication.

For Hepatitis C and D, about 50% chances are there for the complete cure.

Hepatitis Prevention

Hepatitis prevention

‘Prevention is better than cure’, absolutely! Hepatitis is a deadly disease but curable. Hence we must take proper measures to prevent the virus from invading our body.

Some of the steps you can follow for Hepatitis Prevention are:

  • To avoid spreading Hepatitis type A and E, you should thoroughly and regularly wash your hands.
  • To avoid contraction of Hepatitis A and E, avoid any unprotected anal sexual contact.
  • If you are in a region prone to hepatitis, avoid consuming water or any product that has been in contact with water.
  • If affected, there are various hepatitis vaccines that are available for the prevention of hepatitis A and E.
  • It is studied that it is possible for the virus to transmit from mother to child hence various tests are done on all pregnant women to determine the presence of the virus to provide pre-planned treatment to avoid trouble later.
  • To avoid the spread of Hepatitis B, C, and D, use condoms or go for safe or protected sexual intercourse.
  • Keep separate personal devices like toothpaste, razors, pluckers, etc and keep them covered or disinfected to avoid any contact with foreign or infected blood and germs.
  • Vaccination against hepatitis B is available and is strongly recommended.

Hepatitis Treatment

Every year about 14 lac people throughout the world dies due to severe hepatitis. It is shocking to note that only about 5% people among such have the knowledge that they suffer from Hepatitis and only 1% of them are introduced to the treatment.

Hepatitis cure or hepatitis treatment is important and as soon as it is diagnosed through blood tests and known if they are acute or severe.

Adequate fluids, healthy foods, rest must be taken at such a time to cure hepatitis. In chronic cases see a doctor and take proper medication as advice.

Homeopathy Treatment of Hepatitishepatitis treatment

Being a viral disease Allopathy has a limited option in the treatment of Hepatitis. While homeopathy a step ahead to provide a better result or to cure hepatitis.

Your homeopathic expert might suggest you the following homeopathic medicine for hepatitis with doses of 10 drops each three times in a day till the end of hepatitis virus.

As according to some homeopathic experts the cure or elimination of hepatitis virus happens in 3-4 months by this combination of homeopathic medicine, i.e. are:

  1. Kalmegh Drop
  2. Chelidonium Majus-200
  3. Natrum Sulphuricum-200
  4. Carduus Marianus

Hence, its clear that  hepatitis is curable, if treated time and in acute condition. Thus whenever the symptoms of hepatitis emerges, contact to your doctor immediately.

Although, the above mentioned homeopathic medicines for hepatitis, are well tested in some patients, but this website not advice you to take any medicine without consultation of doctors. 

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