Hemorrhoids Pregnancy or Piles Pregnancy | Foods To Eat/ Avoid

Hemorrhoids PregnancyHemorrhoids Pregnancy

As the name signifies, Piles or hemorrhoids during pregnancy are known as Hemorrhoids Pregnancy. First, let us know- What are Hemorrhoids?

The swelling of blood vessels in the rectal area is known as hemorrhoids. The size of the bulge varies from being small as a pea to as large as a grape.

They might develop inside the rectum or in the anus. Hemorrhoids can be itchy and uncomfortable. Hemorrhoids pregnancy is not a very rare and uncommon problem.

In fact, the growing size of the uterus, increased the level of progesterone make it more likely for you to develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy, As constipation during pregnancy is also very common.

It also results in hemorrhoids pregnancy. Pressure on the pelvic veins and the inferior vena cava is put by the growing uterus.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy are known as rectal bleeding. The reason behind this bleeding is piles which are the unusual bulge and swelling of the blood vessels in the rectum.

Piles are not so uncommon during pregnancy. Blood in your stool is faced due to the bleeding if the swollen veins. Reasons behind this bleeding may be an anal fissure, hard stool, and bowel movements.

An anal fissure is basically a tear in the line tissue of anus. Rectal bleeding due to anal fissures causes irritation and burning sensation in the anal region.

Women with a high dosage of vitamins during pregnancy may be the reason behind irregular bowel movements.

Diet for Hemorrhoids Sufferers

Diet plays a very crucial role in treating hemorrhoids. As constipation is one of the major reasons behind piles and constipation is a diet induced problem hence maintaining a proper diet is very important.

It is always recommended to eat food high in fiber, especially in the case of piles. Foods that are high in fiber tend to make stool soft allowing easy passage.

This becomes very helpful in treating and also preventing hemorrhoids. Liquids are also to be coupled with food with fibers such as fruit & vegetable juices. but caffeinated drinks must be avoided.

Usually, the amount of fiber recommended for is 14gm/1000 calories. for the purpose of consuming fiber you may eat following fruits, vegetables and foods which are rich in fiber-:

  1.  Legume beans
  2.  Lentils and nuts
  3.  Apples
  4.  Pears
  5.  Plums
  6.  others such as ( berries, grapes, tomatoes )

5 Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids:

Inflammation and swelling in the anal region causes piles, it may be coupled with constipation and pregnancy.

So diet plays a crucial role in taking care of piles. Some foods to avoid with hemorrhoids are-:

  1. Processed Meat- Processed meat is one of those foods which should be avoided as they contain a lot of preservatives that may be harmful to your digestive system. You may choose to have lean meats that are fresh-cut.
  2. Items containing caffeine – Coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages should be avoided.
  3. White and polished rice – polished white rice has no nutrition value and fiber. It is pure starch. They increase the chances of constipation.  Brown or unpolished rice is a better choice.
  4. Dairy products & skim milk– Milk products and skim milk is not welcome especially if you are facing  hemorrhoids
  5. Deep-fried and oily food – Deep fried food loses its nutritional value as well as becomes a cause for constipation and hemorrhoids. Above all that deep fried food contains bad fat which is harmful to your body.
Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy:

 Hemorrhoids pregnancy has been one of the most common pregnancy-related problems.

Though there have been various home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy as it can be treated naturally at home.

Some home remedies for piles during pregnancy-:

  1.   Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids-: Coconut oil with its antibacterial and antifungal properties takes care of the itching. it also provides relief to pain and inflammation providing healing.
  2.  Aloe Vera-:  Fresh Aloe Vera is one of the best remedies for hemorrhoids, as it helps in dealing with the inflammation. Though the use of artificial or chemical-containing aloe vera is not recommended.
  3.  Use Of Wet Wipes-:  For cleaning purpose of the anal region try using wet wipes and avoid the use of toilet paper as it is dry to relieve the irritation.
  4.  Drink More Amount Of Water-: proper hydration of the body is very important as lack of water especially in pregnancy causes the stool to get hard and dry which contributes to pain in piles.
How Long Do Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Last:

Hemorrhoids are a common problem in pregnancy though it is not a very serious and worry some matter and can be taken care of.

But one question might be ringing that how long do pregnancy hemorrhoids last? Piles usually have no specific set of duration for piles.

Small hemorrhoids do not require any treatment just some precautions can take care of them within a few days.

Large or prolapsed hemorrhoids are bound to take a longer time to heal and are usually painful. If piles do not get resolved within a few days, then you should surely consult a doctor.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast During Pregnancy:

Hemorrhoids might be painful and irritating as they occur due to the swelling up of anal blood vessels.

To get rid of hemorrhoids fast during pregnancy & ease the discomfort of piles during pregnancy following precautions and remedies must be followed:

  1.  Use Of Warm Water-: soaking the affected area in warm water is very helpful and relieving. But do not use soap or add anything in the water.
  2.  Avoid Long Sitting Periods-: One of the major reasons behind piles is pressure on the blood vessels. Sitting for a longer period of time puts pressure on the veins making it more severe. for purpose of sitting, you may use a pillow to sit on.
  3.  Use Of Over The Counter Medications-: Witch hazel medicated pads or hemorrhoid cream can be very helpful in treating hemorrhoids.  The doctor might recommend you a rectal suppository use given that it’s safe to use during pregnancy.
  4.  Using An Ice Pack-:  ice pack is always helpful with swelling, inflammation, and pain whatever the problem is. Place the ice pack on the anal area for 15 minutes. Repeat two to three times a day.

 Medication For Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy-:

The problem of hemorrhoids gets better after the baby is born and medication starts to get more effective. Some medications for humans during pregnancy are-:

  1. Use baking soda to reduce itching by applying it to the affected region.
  2.  Witch hazel pads are very helpful in reducing swelling or bleeding.
  3. Warm bath can be taken by adding baking soda to the water.
  4. Use of a variety of laxatives tubes as prescribed by doctors.

Some of these topical application creams can be applied-:

  • Anusol, Anacal, Anugesic, Proctofoam, Proctosedyl, Scheriproct, Ultraproct, Germoloids, Uniroid, and Xyloproct etc.

For relief from pain and inflammation Ibuprofen and Paracetamol maybe taken, but excessive use is not recommended.

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