How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks | Cream And Removal Cost

How To Get Rid Of Stretch MarksHow To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Getting rid of stretch marks may not always be easy and also embarrassing.

Imagine a situation where you have a function approaching and you are planning to wear your favorite dress but your stretch marks are the one stop.

Many questions pop up in your mind like ‘how to get rid of stretch marks in a week’. Here you can use some remedies like

  • Castor oil
  • White sugar
  • Aloe vera
  • Potato juice
  • Lemon juice

There may be times when you have to wear low neck dresses but are restricted due to the formation of stretch marks on your breast.

Most pregnant ladies have to suffer from this problem. Now how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts.

For clearing your breasts from stretch marks you can apply aloe vera gel on it. Aloe vera effectively helps in fading away and ultimately vanishing the stretch marks.

Further, the use of egg whites and regular massages can also help in getting rid of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Cream

There are a variety of stretch mark creams available in the market. Here we recommend some of the creams you can use for stretch mark removal

  • Mama Mio (butter)
  • Amaira scar cream
  • Bio-Oil
  • Health priority oil
  • Body merry cream
  • Palmer’s cocoa butter formula
  • Mederma skin care
  • Pregna cream

Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch Marks removal cost

Once you are done with the home remedies for your stretch mark removal and realized that your stretch marks aren’t really ready to leave you.

Then you can opt for the various stretch mark removal methods available like

  • Laser stretch mark removal
  • Surgical stretch mark removal method
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Blue light therapy

Stretch Mark Removal Cost

Stretch mark removal may be the ultimatum for many. It may or may not work at times.

Further, the Stretch mark removal cost is generally high in almost all countries, even while considering the result, they may not be 100% accuracy for the removal.

In general, a laser treatment can cost about 500-1500$ per sitting or session. It can vary in the country to country and with the type of machine used

Surgical Stretch Marks Removal Cost

Surgical stretch marks removal may also be an effective technique of stretch mark removal. Even here, the cost may be comparatively higher.

The surgical stretch mark removal cost starts from about 200-300$ per session. Further, it may vary from clinic to clinic

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