Do You Know-Your Mediclaim Policy Provides Free Health CheckUp?

Your Mediclaim Policy Provides You Free Health CheckUp:mediclaim policy

While the society is marked by growing illnesses and diseases, health insurance policies not only provide medical support but also have their financial implications. These policies have many benefits, it offers :

  • financial protection;
  • coverage of insured’s parents/parents-in-law,
  • coverage of insured’s spouse and children;
  • Cashless transactions in case of hospitalization across a network of medical facilities,
  • reimbursement in case of a non-network hospital;
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization charges, as well as
  • Day Care services, health checkup

Healthcare system in India has evolved with preventive health checkups and improved diagnostics. Certain progressive insurance companies offer benefits that are generally not associated with health insurance policies.

One such benefit, that is usually undiscovered by people, is an allied benefit of FREE HEALTH CHECKUP. Yes! You saw that right! Your mediclaim policy does cover a free health check-up. All you have to do is avail that from your health insurer.

Insurance Companies Provided Free Health CheckUps:

There are No. of companies in India providing Free Health CheckUp under their health Insurance Policies. Some of them are:

1. TATA AIG Health Insurance
2. ICICI Lombard Insurance
3. BAJAJ Allianz General Insurance
4. MAX BUPA Health Insurance

Free Health Checkup Tests Covered Under Policies:health checkup

Usually, the tests covered under all the health policies, provided by companies under Free health checkup are:

1.Echocardiogram (ECG)
2.Complete Blood Count
3.Fasting Blood Sugar
4.Lipid Profile
5.Urine Analysis
6.Chest X-ray
7.Test for Cholesterol
8.Routine Medical Examination

How To Avail The Free Health Checkup Tests?:

These tests can be availed from any aforementioned health insurer. The policyholder needs to call toll free number of the insurance company or visit the insurer’s office to avail the facility. The toll-free nos are as follows:mediclaim policy

1.TATA AIG Health Insurance (1800-266-7780)
2. ICICI Lombard Insurance (1800-2666)
3. BAJAJ Allianz General Insurance (1800-209-5858)
4. MAX BUPA Health Insurance (1800-3010-3333)
5. RELIGARE Health Insurance (1800-200-4488)


A lot of companies also ask the individuals to send an email for this request. After receiving the request, the insurer verifies the details and reverts back with an authorization letter. The policyholder needs to carry the letter, along with their health card, while visiting the diagnostic center.


Frequency Of Free Health Checkup Tests:

 Most companies provide the benefit of Free Health Check-up tests only after a certain period of time for claim-free years.

This could vary between 4-5 years, so it is necessary to keep a track of your claim-free years to avail free benefits.

Health check-ups are a must to identify what is going on in your body; hence periodical medical tests must be taken seriously.

Contact your medical insurer today to claim your right to a healthy, disease-free life.

  Health Insurance
Companies with [Policy
Cost incurred Freq. of check-ups
  TATA AIG [MediPrime] Up to 1% of the Sum Insured per Policy subject to a maximum of INR 5,000 per Insured Person Only once at the end of a block of every continuous four claim free years
  ICICI Lombard [Complete Health Insurance] Free Covered every year after renewal
  BAJAJ [Individual Health Insurance Plan

Health Guard]

Up to INR 1,000 Covered after 4 years at designated Bajaj Allianz diagnostic centers
  MAX BUPA [Health Companion Family Floater Plan] Free Every year free health check-up
  RELIGARE [Super saver (2-4 lac)

Elite (5-10 lac)

Elite Plus (15-40 lac)

Global (50-75 lac)]

Free Every year free health check-up for adults
FAQs Regarding Free Health Check-Ups Availed:

Q1. If I get my checkup done from a different lab, will the amount be reimbursed?
Ans: The answer to this depends on the type of policy you choose and your insurer. Most of the insurance companies prefer that the checkup is done under the lab that is affiliated with their firm. Some others have this option for the reimbursement of the cost, provided a proper form is submitted as required. Therefore, you should contact your insurer and avail this benefit as you deem fit.


Q2. What if I want some other medical tests to be done, that isn’t listed under the policy?

Ans: There are a number of medical tests not covered by health insurance — dental services, weight loss surgeries and programs, acupuncture, private nursing, infertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and treatment for suicidal patients. For other tests and costs, you can contact your health care provider and avail the facility of check-ups.


Q3. Is there any provision of paying the extra amount to add some more tests to the benefit of the policy?

Ans: No, there isn’t. Though, in case of emergencies, the companies accept the request of reimbursements for health care and check-ups. Otherwise, the health insurance policies do not cover other tests. Therefore, before opting for a policy, go through the clauses and the tests and choose what is best for you and your family. Maximum benefits, good return!


Q4. Which health insurer provides the most comprehensive health check-up?

Ans: Among all above-mentioned companies, I would like to recommend- RELIGARE Health Insurance company is the more feasible and suitable insurance provider. It not only has a wide hospital network but also quite frequent with the free health check-ups. They cover inpatient care, pre- and post-hospitalization costs, ambulance cost, organ donor cover and a tax benefit. It can be renewed throughout the lifetime and has, thus, gained a prominent position in the hearts of the consumers. For more details, log on to


Q5. Are all family members covered for health check-up under the family floater policy or only the main member who pays the premium?

Ans: All the aforementioned insurance companies provide a form that gives the consumer an option to choose who all can avail the benefits of the policy. The options involve benefit to the insured, the benefit to the insured + spouse, the benefit to the insured + spouse + children. Thus, the consumer’s spouse and children can also avail the free health checkup, and dwell in the glories that are these health insurance companies which have made our life easier, less complicated (financially) and more disease-free.


faqA health insurance is indispensable when it comes to financially safeguarding your family and yourself in case of any eventuality. While the benefits of an insurance policy are many, it is important to compare and opt for one that serves your purpose in particular as against popular market trends.

Besides this, if you have any query regarding Free Health Check-up of your health Insurance policy, Please ask in the below Comment section.



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