Flat or Inverted Nipples | Causes | How To Get Rid Of?

Inverted NipplesFlat or Inverted Nipples

Nipples come in different sizes and shapes. Breasts size and nipples too are different from one body to another. Talking about pregnancy, most of the nipples are easy for baby to grasp and have milk but there are some which make it difficult for the baby to breastfeed. Flat nipples or inverted nipples make it difficult for the baby to nurse properly because babies need nipples to hold and stretch it in order to drink milk.

Women who become pregnant for the very first time have the common feature of nipples to not protrude fully. Though it is not common for all, but for some of them.

Flat NipplesFlat Nipples

Any nipple which is more indented than protruding can be called an inverted nipple.

Some nipples are inverted for a short period of time and then they just pop out after stimulation or changes in body and temperature. But some of them are permanently inverted.

An inverted nipple variation is known as flat nipples. These are basically the ones that lie flat against the areola. They don’t pop out or even stick out instead they are flat.

If you want to know whether your nipples are actually flat or not then there is a test called nipple pinch test. The way your nipple responds when it is being pinched tells us the classification of nipple type.

Inverted nipples are natural and very common breast variation. There is no big deal in having flat or inverted nipples because this is natural.

Are Flat Nipples Normal?

Now the question is ‘Are flat nipples normal?’

Ten to twenty percent of women have flat or inverted nipples. This is more common than women having blue or green eyes so there is no big deal in having flat nipples.

What Causes Inverted Nipples?

Inverted nipples or flat nipples, both of them are common but what causes inverted nipples? An inverted nipple is caused by the tissue presented in the breast.

When the tissue gets attached extra tightly to the inner side of nipple’s skin, it pulls the skin inward i.e., towards the chest and creating an inverted nipple.

Inverted nipples are a part of genetic makeup, sometimes nipples grow with the growth of breast and sometimes they just don’t grow throughout the whole life.

How To Get Rid Of Flat Nipples?

Inverted nipples are common in many women yet some of them want to get rid of those flat or inverted nipples.

There are mainly two techniques which can be performed at home. Basically, these are home remedies for flat nipples:

  • Hoffman techniques
  • Suction devices

(Both of the techniques are elaborated here at the end of this article).

How To Fix Flat Nipples

There are a few techniques and ways which answer the question “how to fix flat nipples?’

Breast shells are also known as milk cups or breast cups. They take advantage of the natural elasticity of the skin during pregnancy.

The shells are worn inside the bra and it is suggested to take one size larger than the normal to accommodate the shell. Shells should be worn at the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy for a few hours. After the baby is born, these shells should be worn for around 30 minutes.  They should not be worn during night time.

Breast PumpHow To Get Rid Of Flat Nipples

  • Use a breast pump by placing phalange over your breast; you need to ensure that the nipple is centered inside the hole. Use the correct size of a breast pump or phalange for covering the nipples.
  • Hold the phalange against the skin tightly and then turn on the pump.
  • Use the pump or turn on the pump at the highest comfortable strength.
  • Don’t pump extensively because if you are nursing, it will start the flow of milk from the nipple.
  • Consult your doctor or health care take to consider the breast pump size according to your breast and nipples.

How Can I Make My Flat Nipples Bigger

Most commonly asked question is how can I make my flat nipples bigger? There are two techniques which are effective in making the flat or inverted nipples bigger.

Hoffman technique

  • Hoffman technique is one of the useful techniques for making the flat nipples bigger.
  • To start with, place your thumb on either side of the nipple. Place your thumb at the areola not outside it.
  • Press firmly and gently into the breast tissue
  • While pressing down, move your thumbs away for a while and then again start pressing the areola down.
  • Move your thumbs all around the nipple and then repeat the same process.
  • Do it at least once a day.

Suction devices

  • There are some devices available, known as suction devices. These are used for reversing inverted nipples.
  • Most of the devices are worn under clothing. Some of the suction devices are nipple retractors, nipple extractors, shells, and cups.
  • Most of the devices work by pulling the nipple into a small cup so, that it stimulates the nipple and makes it protrude. These devices do not always help everyone in enlarging the nipples but it helps some of the women depending upon the breast tissue.
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