Fibroids And Pregnancy | Causes, Risks And Treatment

Fibroids And PregnancyFibroid During Pregnancy

Fibroids during pregnancy are common as it is faced by almost half of the women. But if the fibroid turns out to be larger in size it may pose complications and make the pregnancy painful.

Fibroids are basically tumor which is also known as leiomyoma or myoma. Fibroids tumors are fibrous tissue and mass of compacted muscle which grows on the wall of the uterus.

Though, they may also be on the outside of the uterus. Fibroids are common among pregnant women, though they might go undetected until an examination or ultrasound is conducted.

This fibroid tumor is basically a bulge which may vary in size from being as small as a pea to the size of a grapefruit.

Though these tumors are not going to cause cancer but might be painful.

Though fibroids during pregnancy and their effect on the baby varies from women to women.

 Fibroids normally don’t create any complications with the fertility and the pregnancy.

Though it can create problems depending on the size and the positioning of the fibroid.  The fibroid is basically a tumor which grows on the wall of the uterus.

Fibroids increase the probability of miscarriage in the pregnancy, create a problem in the positioning of the baby, also create a problem in the delivery of the baby.

Fibroids And Pregnancy Pain:

Pain is one point to think about while you have fibroids. Fibroids though don’t have any specific effect on the pregnancy, they can be painful.

Pain in fibroids during pregnancy is a common symptom. Fibroids which grow large in size tend to cause severe sharp pain.

Vomiting, vaginal bleeding & nausea is usually faced by women with fibroids. Large and severe fibroids tend to cause preterm labor as they make the uterus contract.

Proper bed rest is recommended in case of large and severe fibroids especially in case of pregnancy. This pain usually covers the back of the woman.

What Causes Fibroids During Pregnancy:

Fibroids are swelled a mass of fibrous muscles that grow on the uterine wall. Fibroids usually develop during pregnancy as in the first trimester the estrogen hormone is present in more quantity.

Fibroids are usually left undetected until an ultrasound or pelvic exam is conducted. In case the fibroids are a painful special examination to detect them is made.

But apart from this, there is no specific answer to the question, what causes fibroids during pregnancy. Fibroids are common among women but their growth is seen in comparatively fewer cases.

 Fibroids And Getting Pregnant:

Many times fibroids and getting pregnant becomes a concerned question for women regarding their fertility. Around 40-60% of women usually face fibroids by the age of 35.

Fibroids come with the thickening of the uterine muscles which while pregnancy makes it difficult for the doctors to diagnose.

Though fibroids don’t interfere with getting pregnant many a times they can be a matter of worry. Fibroids need estrogens to grow which is produced in the first trimester.

This makes the occurrence of fibroids more common in the first trimester.

Pain is something that is usually faced by women with fibroids in pregnancy. Though, it might give out severe consequences.

 Fibroid During Pregnancy Risk:

Generally, fibroids don’t create any problem in pregnancy and they are noncancerous in nature. In the name of complications what may occur is abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, though it occurs in comparatively fewer cases.

Fibroids can create a situation of miscarriage and premature delivery. They can cause the baby to be in an abnormal and complicated position.

Many times the fibroids may develop at such a point which may hinder with the baby’s delivery such as if they are located near the cervical opening.

Normally fibroids won’t create any complications but they do increase the chances of cesarean delivery.

Large Fibroids And Pregnancy:

Complications in women with fibroids of size bigger than 5 centimeters are found. Large fibroids in pregnancy often create complications in pregnancy.

Estrogen is the major hormone responsible in the development of fibroids. Though women can get pregnant naturally even if they have fibroids.

While having fibroids and pregnancy you must consult your doctor regarding its size and positioning.

Fibroid During Pregnancy Treatment:

In the case of fibroids, more than treatment precautions are required. Checking the growth of the fibroid is more important as large-sized fibroids pose complications in the pregnancy.

For fibroids, treatment such as ablation of fibroid through surgery, hysterectomy, laparoscopy for fibroids or myomectomy can also be used for treating fibroids.

But to control and decrease the growth of fibroids one must first decrease stress from the mind, take therapies and also have a controlled diet with involving organic products increased vitamin k intake etc.

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