What Does Endometriosis Feel Like | Endometriosis Risk Factors

What Does Endometriosis Feel Like 

What Does Endometriosis Feel Like

 Unlike the natural period pain, the endometriosis pain can be a lot more than normal cramping or bloating . What does endometriosis feel like actually?

Well the pain from endometriosis is like someone stabbing your uterus. The pain is usually more sharp and shooting.

It can spread through the pelvic region with heavy uncontrollably bleeding during periods.

Endometriosis Risk Factors



Endometriosis risks factors are actually depend on what does endometriosis feel like or endometriosis stages?

Endometriosis is not usually life threatening and in most of the cases treatable to a large extent .

Though endometriosis causes may differ extensively, there are a few risks that may be persistent in most of the situations. Some of the endometriosis risk factors include:

Endometriosis Cancer

No doubt , endometriosis feel like very risky when it leads to cancer. Endometriosis affects the immune system further improving the chances of developing cancers.

But nevertheless such risks are not really common. There may be just increased chances for cancer but are not really common.

Endometriosis cancer develops in the uterus. This cancer is a common form of cancer  in women aged between 45-75 with over millions of cases throughout the world.

Here the bleeding may also continue even after menopause while there is abnormal bleeding throughout including intense pelvic pain and vaginal discharge.

The good thing is that it is curable with treatment in most of the cases. Just  like the endometriosis causes are unknown, similar is that for endometriosis cancer.

Endometriosis And PCOS

The symptoms for endometriosis and PCOS may be closely related. So there are often chances for women suffering with endometriosis to suffer with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) too.

PCOS may have additional symptoms of missed periods, late periods, excessive weight gain, excessive body hair, acne, etc.

Endometriosis And Pregnancy

Although endometriosis may often lead to infertility, but in case it is developed during pregnancy, it can lead to several complications like premature baby birth, underdeveloped baby, miscarriage, placenta Previa, difficulty in vaginal delivery, etc.

Endometriosis And Sex

Now, what does endometriosis feel like while having sex? Sex can be  a real challenge during endometriosis as this leads to really painful intercourse due to intense pelvic pain.

Well painful sexual intercourse can altogether be a warning for endometriosis.

Endometriosis And Fibroids

Like a pavement for other problems, endometriosis may also be a partner to uterine fibroids i.e, the non-cancerous painful tumors in pelvic organs.

Here also the symptoms may seem quite similar and henceforth both of them are closely related.

Endometriosis And Infertility

Endometriosis and infertility are perfectly complementing as the final stage for endometriosis is ultimately infertility in women. This is always this higher risk for infertility among women suffering from endometriosis

Diet For Endometriosis

Things may be out of control sometimes but it is our duty to give our the best of what it deserves especially in times of illness.

As recommended by professionals, the diet for endometriosis includes a plant rich diet ie, loads of fruits and vegetables or green leafy vegetables (foods rich in iron) , foods rich in fibre, essential fatty foods like chia seeds, flax seeds, dark chocolates and lots of vitamins.

But at the same time, you need to be cautious regarding other food items like alcohol, glutens, red meat, etc.

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