The Effects Of PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome


Effects Of PCOS On Breasts:-

effects of pcos

The breasts are the main storage sites for iodine, low iodine levels can affect the architecture of the cells.

Mostly the breasts and thyroid compete for the little amount of iodine present in the body causes hyperthyroidism or breast cancer in women suffering from PCOS.

Thus the main effect of PCOS on breasts is the risk of breast cancer.

Effect of PCOS on Pregnancy:-

The biggest hurdle for women suffering from PCOS is getting pregnant. Due to this syndrome interferes with ovulation patterns and since eggs do not mature regularly, conceiving becomes a problem.

In case, a woman with PCOS conceives, the effect of PCOS on pregnancy is that she might be at risk for the following two conditions:-

  • Miscarriage during the First Trimester-It is recommended that if you are taking Metformin (Glucophage) while you conceive, it should be continued during the first trimester to avoid miscarriage.
  • Gestational diabetes found in 4% cases, especially in women who are overweight above the age of 35, a risk at which women suffering from this syndrome are at during the gestation period.

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Effect Of PCOS On Menstrual Cycle:-

The effect of PCOS on menstrual cycle makes Irregular or absent menses and excessive or irregular blood loss which is one of the most common symptoms of this disorder.

Effect Of PCOS On Fertility:-

The effect of PCOS on women is that they fail to conceive because it makes their reproductive cycle unpredictable and their ovulation cycle irregular.

Although through a balanced diet and exercises most women get over this syndrome and go on to become healthy mothers.

Although pregnancy with PCOS is something that can get rid off by following a proper and healthy schedule religiously.

Effect Of PCOS On Skin:-

effects of PCOS

PCOS women tend to have more oily skin and acne due to the excessive production of androgens which is a male hormone in their bodies, in comparison to estrogen as an effect of PCOS on the skin.

Effect Of PCOS On Weight:-

Due to insulin imbalance, women suffering from PCOS tend to have more weight gain and become obese due to the breakdown of glycogen metabolism in their bodies.

The effect of PCOS on weight is that it increases with the disorder.

Effect Of PCOS On Hair:-

If the follicles of women having PCOS are sensitive to androgens, then such women can suffer from hair loss on scalp and hirsutism which is an excessive growth of facial hair and abdominal hair.

Hair thinning and discoloration are also effects of PCOS on hair.

Effect Of PCOS On Lactation:-

 Prolactin is one of the main hormones responsible for lactation and women having higher amounts of androgen may have problems regarding the prolactin to reach the receptors of the breast thus causing difficulty in lactation.

Oestrogen is known to inhibit lactation and women who have a pregnancy with PCOS often have “estrogen dominance”, which interferes in lactation as an effect of PCOS on lactation.

Effect Of PCOS On Pain:-

The effect of PCOS on pain is that women with PCOS often have abdominal pain, pain during intercourse and period pain without getting a period, pelvic pain and fatigued body.

a)PCOS Pain during ovulation and period: women tend to suffer from period cramps without even being on their menstrual cycle due to the formation of cysts and abdominal pain during their menses and a fatigued body during ovulation.

b)PCOS Pain in lower abdomen: also known as pelvic pain caused due to the formation of multiple cysts.

These are some effects of PCOS on females. To know how to get rid of PCOS read-

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