Eating Soil During Pregnancy: Effects on Baby | How To Stop?

Eating Soil During PregnancyEating Soil During Pregnancy

There are some women who may have strong cravings or an urge of eating soil during Pregnancy.

But, the question is why this overwhelming urge is? Is it considered safe to eat soil during pregnancy?

This Practice is very common in African countries and there is a medical name given to it is called “geophagy”.

It is so strange to know that some have even eaten around 400g of earthy soil stuff per day.

Some have even reported eating chalk during pregnancy.

You might be thinking as to why do you need the feel to have this non-food item during pregnancy?

There stands as an urge because of deficiency of few vitamins and minerals and particularly iron.

There have been enough researches and most claim that eating mud in pregnancy has a detrimental effect on health.

This urge to eat chalk and other non-food item (also known as pica) during pregnancy is not considered healthy for both mother and the baby.

Many interviews of pregnant women claim that they develop a habit of eating vibhuti during pregnancy.

Eating Drywall while pregnant or eating mud in pregnancy are all considered non-food items or pica that is not recommended in pregnancy.

The Benefits of Eating ChalkThe Benefits Of Eating Chalk

Chalk, which is a non-toxic substance known by calcium carbonate is not to be advised for eating.

According to U.S National Library of Medicine, swallowing large pieces of chalk may result in abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea.

Eating may not result in death however it is not considered safe.

There is no such benefit of eating chalk and this habit is developed because of deficiency.

Effects Of Eating Soil During PregnancyEffects Of Eating Soil During Pregnancy

This stands important to known the effects of eating soil during pregnancy.

Can eating soil during pregnancy impacts the baby’s health? Is it safe for mothers to be eaten in pregnancy?

There are certain side effects of eating chalk during pregnancy which may include.

  • Eating chalk may result in gastric pain and bleeding.
  • There have been cases reporting constipation after consuming chalk.
  • This may even result in disturbing bowel movements or bowel infection which will impact the baby.

Clay is even not considered safe in pregnancy. There are side effects of eating clay during pregnancy.

  • It may result in muscle weakness and skin sores.
  • You may end up having breathing problems.
  • Lead poisoning and intestinal blockage will affect your health badly.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that pica is not safe. Effects of eating clay soil are more or less the same.

How to Satisfy Dirt Cravings?

You must be wondering how to stop eating chalk or, how to stop eating dirt? There are certain remedies to satisfy these dirt cravings.

The foremost thing is that you have to keep yourself engaged and distracted so that you are not attracted to this urge to have pica.

Then, you may try having chewing gum to resist cravings when they arise.

You should also try to monitor your iron and vitamins level.

At the same time, you should inform your health care provider and should review your health records.

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