Diarrhea: A Sign Of labor | How Soon After It Does Labor Start?

Diarrhea: A Sign Of Labor

is diarrhea a sign of labor

One of the many signs of labor is diarrhea. Well, it is a universal fact that diarrhea, a labor sign, feels really uncomfortable and in pregnancy, it is even more frustrating.

But it is just the way of your body to tell you that you are nearing the day to deliver the baby.

The muscles of the body loosen up during pregnancy. So does the rectum. This happens because there has to be enough way for the baby to move out when the woman is delivering.

Therefore, diarrhea occurs in women a few days before labor. The loose stool movements sure feel a little uncomfortable.

You should make sure to stay hydrated whenever you experience diarrhea before labor. Try maintaining your strength and eat light meals.

My Contractions Are Causing Me To Poop:

You are in your labor and you are probably getting the feeling of poop. You are nervous and you can’t tell anybody my contractions are causing me to poop.

That is just as normal a situation as is labor during pregnancy. You feel the rectal pressure and you feel the need to poop sometimes because of your contractions.

This generally happens because of the rectal pressure and that your area needs to be cleaned for the baby to come out.

There are also chances that you feel like pooping when you are in active labor.

In these cases, nurses check the dilation of the cervix and then allow if pooping at that particular time is okay or not.

While diarrhea, a sign of labor, is just a natural phenomenon, there is no shame in telling the nurse that you feel the urge to poop.

Because of the pressure, your cervix might also dilate a little bit more and make way for your baby.

How Soon After Diarrhea Does Labor Start?

While there is no set timeline for how soon after diarrhea does labor start, you must know that diarrhoea can happen during entire of your pregnancy. But for sure they will not be as constant as they are before labor.

This is to say, that diarrhea is a common sign in early pregnancy. But as for the labor procedure, diarrhea can happen any time before labor.

It can happen hours before labor or even a few weeks or days before labor.

In many cases, women never experience diarrhea. So if you come across any experience of diarrhea as a sign of labor during your last stages of pregnancy, be assured that your labor is approaching or has approached.

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