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Deworming KidsDeworming Kids

Deworming kids or deworming humans is the process of removing intestinal worms and parasitic worms through medicines. Intestinal worms may be of various kinds such as tapeworms, ringworms, pinworms, hookworms.

These worms are parasitic in nature as they preside over the intestinal walls. They can be harmful to health in various ways.

These intestinal worms lay on your intestinal worms to contamination and unhygienic surroundings. Though the treatment of these worms is easy in the early stage.

Babies often face the problem of intestinal worms and need to be dewormed. Anthelmintic medication is used to treat the intestinal worms.

Deworming kids are an essential thing to do even on a normal way as it protects your child from any future worm infection.

Importance Of Deworming:

Deworming kids is very necessary as it is used to treat the problem of intestinal worms in babies If these intestinal worms are left untreated these can pose a serious health problem.

They can also interfere with the digestive system of the baby. There are various points on the importance of deworming kids such as -:

  1.  It maintains the immunity of your child and helps in maintaining the health of your child.
  2.  It also helps in protecting your baby from chronic diseases and illness.
  3.  It also helps in maintaining the digestion of your baby.
  4.  Intestinal worms in babies cause them to be irritated and cranky. Deworming is the solution to it.

Symptoms Of Worms In Children:

Worming occurs due to the intestinal worms laying on your intestinal walls. There are various symptoms which can be noticed to find out that the baby is infected with intestinal worms.

Some symptoms of worms in children are as follows-:

  1.  Abdominal pain is seen in the babies as the worms tend to cause irritation, this causes the baby to be disturbed.
  2.  Weight loss is also sometimes seen in some babies, this is because these worms cause the baby to be disturbed and cause a loss in the appetite of the baby.
  3.  Many babies face problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and also back rash and redness in the buttocks of the children.
  4.  Anemia is also caused in due to the presence of worms.

How To Deworm A Child Naturally:

When your baby faces the problem of intestinal worms, you have to deworm your child. To deworm a child naturally, there are many natural home remedies which can be used to deworm your baby naturally. Some of these home remedies and natural ways are as follows:

  1.  Bitter gourd: It is known for anti-oxidant properties and a variety of other health benefits. You have to drink the bitter gourd juice mixed with some honey 2 times a day.
  2.  Pumpkin seeds: Cucurbitacin is a compound which is very helpful in treating the worms as it paralyzes them. Pumpkin seeds have abundant cucurbitacin.
  3.  Raw papaya and its leaves: It contains an enzyme known as papain which is very beneficial and is used in various treatments such as dengue. It is also used to take care of the worms.
  4.  Cloves: Among its various abilities and health benefits, one of them is being used as a treatment for intestinal worms and also protecting your body from it.
  5.  Others: carrots, coconuts, turmeric, carrom seeds, garlic etc are used to treat worms in children naturally.
Best Time Of The Day To Deworm A Child:

Deworming your children involves them giving Anthelmintics medicines. You might also choose to deworm them using natural methods as mentioned above.

Though the best time of the day to deworm a child is in the morning. It also helps in having the child spent the day irritation free.

These dewormers can be liquid in form and are made the child drink them 2 times a day. Though many dewormers just kill the worms while their eggs remain unaffected.

So as they hatch after 6  months you must again deworm your child. you might want to deworm your family.

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Deworming Medicine For Children:

Deworming kids is a very important thing to do as it prevents your baby from any future worm infections and also takes care of existing ones.

The medicines for deworming in children depend on the type of the worm that they are infected too. Tapeworms usually go away with a healthy diet while others need proper deworming as they also lay eggs.

Some deworming medicines for children are given below:

  1.  Deworming medicine Zentel can be used to treat the worms. These are usually used to treat infections from tapeworms.
  2.  Oral deworming medicines such as praziquantel (Biltricide) is used to deworm the babies.
  3.  In case the infection is caused by roundworms some worm tablets for human over the counter which can be used are mebendazole (Vermox, Emverm), albendazole (Albenza).

Dewormer for humans over the counter are pyrantel pamoate, albendazole, niclosamide, Combantrin.

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