Cradle Cap | Why Do Babies Get | How To Get Rid Of?

Cradle CapCradle Cap

Cradle cap is an issue found only in babies when the scalp of your baby starts to develop dry and flaky patches.

It is a somewhat greasy and yellowish looking patch that may develop on the scalp of your newborn.

Well, the best part is that no matter how annoying they may seem are usually harmless and don’t bother the baby much. They are painless and are not itch less.

Why Do Babies Get Cradle Cap?

Most parents are curious about why do babies get a cradle cap?

Though we cannot tell any specific cradle cap causes it is believed that they are a result of overproduction of sebum or the skin oil from the sebaceous glands which are found on the skin.

It may also be a result of a yeast called Malassezia which may tend to be found in the sebum.

Further, you may not have to doubt the hygiene of the baby, since it is little concerned with bad hygiene.

Cradle Cap Toddler

It is mainly formed in newborn babies or toddlers. Though it may also be seen in adults in a slightly different form, it is most prominent in babies with sensitive scalps.

Cradle cap toddlers may not be a matter of too much concern for most parents. In case it is severe, you may have to visit a doctor who may further prescribe various shampoos for this.

How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap?

No matter how harmless it may seem, can still bother you. So here are some tips you can follow on how to get rid of cradle caps:

  • The first step could be gently brushing your baby’s scalp using a very soft hair brush to remove the flakes.
  • Try hydrating and moisturizing the scalp of your baby by using various essential oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, Vaseline petroleum jelly, etc.
  • You may gently wash the baby’s hair and keep it clean and dry. This may remove the excess oil and eventually help in getting rid of it.
  • You may visit a doctor and use the prescribed oils and shampoos for it.
Cradle Cap Remedies

It is temporary and you may be able to get rid of it within days using the various cradle cap remedies.

In case you don’t seem to find a solution through the homemade cradle cap remedies you may visit your pediatrician.

Well, it may not only be present on the baby’s scalp, but it may also be formed in other areas like the eyebrows, face, and forehead.

On how to get rid of cradle cap on eyebrows you may try hydrating the area and gently rubbing off the flakes.

On how to get rid of cradle cap on the face or on the forehead, you may follow the same techniques, ie, gently hydrating the area and rubbing it, further you can keep it moisturised and clean to avoid it.

 Cradle Cap In Adults

Cradle cap in adults is also a common phenomenon which is known as Seborrheic dermatitis.

It is somehow visible in adults in the form of dandruff which can be treated and maintained using various home remedies like regular oiling, antifungal shampoos, and kitchen remedies while in serious cases you may have to visit a doctor.

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