Cot Death Or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Cot Deathcot death

COT death which is also known as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a situation of sudden infant’s death.

It is also known as infant factory recall or crib death. Diagnosis requires that the death remains unexplained.

Though, most of the cases of SIDS occur during sleep. No signs or any irritation to the baby is seen in the cases of COT death.

Many times the reason behind the SIDS becomes sleeping on the stomach. It is also been prescribed by the A.M.A under safety guidelines regarding the baby sleeping positions to make them sleep on their back.

Many studies have also suggested that exposure to tobacco smoke is also the reason behind COT death. But all this shows a simple relation towards the baby being suffocated.

Cot Death Age

COT death had become one of the major causes behind the death of an infant and the exact reason behind it is unknown.

About 90% of cases happen before six months of age, with it being most frequent between two months and four months of age.

It is more common in boys than girls. Premature and underweight birth of the baby also becomes the reason behind SIDS or COT death.COT death is basically seen in babies of early age; basically infants.

Though the data may seem to alarm you chances of SIDS are low and almost negligible if you follow the basic sleeping guidelines of various medical associations.

 Causes Of SIDS:

SIDS or COT deaths are mainly related to a combination of factors. SIDS usually occurs with a baby at a very early age and those who tend to be underweight and weak.

Various factors such as Co-Sleeping, use of excessive bedding, sleeping on stomach or exposure to smoke become the cause of SIDS.

Some Babies tend to have a problem in regulating their heart rate, breathing, and temperature. In many cases, the baby might have had cold thus, contribute to breathing problems.

Overheating too becomes a reason behind SIDS.  Family history also becomes a factor behind contributing to the chances of SIDS if it has occurred in the past with the cousins too.

You must go through with newborn screening test to avoid SIDS

Cot Death Statistics:

SIDS or COT death has been one of the major reasons behind the death in infants. SIDS is the type of a silent death because it shows no sign or symptom before occurring.

Globally the avg. The toll of death from SIDS is around 20000/year. SIDS has been one of the most popular reasons behind the death of infants in the US and some other countries.

SIDS has been found to be more common among boys. Majority of a case of COT death occur before 6 months of age. SIDS is found to be more common in the developed countries.

SIDS is the reason behind 80% of sudden and unexpected infant deaths (SUIDs).

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot Death)

SIDS or COT deaths are just the same things. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which means sudden death of the baby due to an unknown reason.

SIDS doesn’t show any symptoms or signs as it does not show any struggle which makes it a silent death. The death remains unexplained but some link towards the baby being suffocated.

Excessive wedding, exposure to tobacco smoke, co-sleeping, cough and cold to the baby become some of the factors contributing to SIDS.

Proper breastfeeding and immunization to the baby can help to prevent the baby from SIDS.

Many times overheating also becomes the reason behind SIDS or COT death. Though any specific factor cannot be directly associated with SIDS.

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