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Silent Labor SignsContractions Go Hospital

Silent labor, as the name itself suggests, is the time when the woman is in labor but doesn’t feel the pain or the intensity of the contractions. Knowing your silent labor signs may help you to identify your contractions and to decide when to go to the hospital.

They are caught unaware of the labor. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot ever know what silent labor is like. The silent labor signs are:

  • The uterus starts to contract. You experience some uterine contractions and these might feel like Braxton hicks. You may feel some tight flexes near your abdomen.
  • Your feet and legs start to swell in silent labor.
  • Painful lower back pain is also a sign of silent labor.
  • You might feel sore in silent labor.

Contractions When To Go To Hospital:

Now the big question that must be popping inside your head must be that you start having contractions way before your labor starts but when should you actually go to the hospital.

The answer is that you should go to the hospital when you have strong, powerful contractions that are continuous and they come for the duration of 5 minutes.

They come every hour or so. These are so intense that you can’t even talk. When you feel that such type of contractions, this is when you should rush to the doctor since it’s now time for the delivery.

Therefore, the question contractions when to go to the hospital should be clarified with the ascertainment of the intensity of contractions.

Signs Labor Is Near Second Pregnancy:

You might have regained the confidence with the experience of your last pregnancy, but the fact is that your second labor can be and is mostly different from the first labor. From the experience of the first labor, you know when to expect what, but things change a bit in the second labor. The signs labor is near second pregnancy are:

  • In your first pregnancy, the muscles have already loosened up and become flexible. This time in the second pregnancy, your muscles don’t take a long time to loosen up and therefore as a result of this, your second pregnancy starts showing up earlier than your first pregnancy did.
  • The second baby moves down to the pelvic area earlier than your first baby did. This is a sign that your labor is near and contractions indicate you to go to the hospital.
  • Because the baby lies lower in the abdomen during the second pregnancy, you experience more aches and pains in second pregnancy during last weeks telling that labor is near.
  • You lose the amniotic fluid earlier, also there is more amount of water lost through the vagina during entire pregnancy as compared to the first one.
  • Because you have already experienced all the labor stages before, contractions are smaller though intense. This also indicates that labor is near in your second pregnancy.

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