Complications Of Breastfeeding

Complication Of BreastfeedingComplication Of Breastfeeding

When we say ‘complications’ during pregnancy, we actually talk about the challenges which we have to face while carrying a baby in the womb. There are a few challenges which are to be faced after having a baby, challenges during breastfeeding. Every challenge or complication of breastfeeding has a solution to it.

So let’s talk about the challenges or complications of breastfeeding:

Soreness- when a lady becomes pregnant for the first time then the whole journey of pregnancy comes out to be very new and different. All the aspects regarding pregnancy are considered to be new for a mother to be.

Similarly when we talk about breastfeeding which is also new for a mother to be, is something which makes the lady little uncomfortable for the first couple of days.

‘Uncomfortable’ should not be confused with getting HURT, because in that case, you should contact your doctor. You should get yourself checked and baby’s latch to check his or her mouth and tongue.

Engorgement, as written in the previous article, is an also a big challenge for a woman. If a mother to have not nursed in a few hours then chances of getting engorged become higher and which is very uncomfortable.

Plugged ducts happen at some point in time during breastfeeding. Plugged ducts occur when a duct does not drain properly and becomes inflamed.

For this, you can massage the area, use warm water while cleaning the area and also wear a comfortable bra because a tight one will lead to more problems.

Mastitis: Another complication is Mastitis. It is when the area of the breast becomes swollen and red colored. The area becomes painful and some discharge can also be experienced through nipples.

So when all of this happens, contact your doctor because sometimes you may need antibiotics for the infection called Mastitis.

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