Co-Sleeping With Toddlers | Safe Co-Sleeping Positions with babies

Co-Sleeping With ToddlersCo-Sleeping With Toddlers

There are various views of people regarding co-sleeping. Many might think it to be a natural and safe approach. It’s just the age of one year when co-sleeping with babies can be a necessity. After that, it is just a matter of preference and choice. Many times it also depends on the income group to which the family belongs. Mother or parents might choose Co-sleeping with toddlers.

Co-sleeping with toddlers has many times disturbed and leaves the parents to sleep deprived.

Many a time’s toddlers may encounter disturbance in sleeping, changing postures which is not a matter of worry but disturbs the parents sleep.

Toddlers and parents follow different sleeping patterns, co-sleeping with toddlers might affect their sleeping patterns.

But overall the debate of Co-Sleeping depends on the preference and perception of the parents.

Safe Co-Sleeping Positions:

Co-sleeping is recommended for babies younger than the age of 1 year. Though, they recommend sleeping in the same room, not the same bed.

So if you are sleeping in the same bed some safe co-sleeping positions and tips you should consider are as follows:

  1. Go for or choose a firm mattress. An over soft mattress is bound to bump, hurt or suffocate your baby.
  2. Try to maintain a warm and comfortable body temperature for the baby. But be aware that the baby does not get overheated and disturbed as they are delicate.
  3. Avoid or do not let your infant sleep with an older child in the same bed. They might bump into each other or the infant might get suffocated.
  4.  It is recommended to use less bedding and keep the pillow away from your baby’s reach. They might overheat or suffocate the baby.
  5. Try to follow all the guidelines recommended by the medical associations to avoid SIDS.
  6. You should never leave your baby alone in the bed as he/she might bump herself into the headboard or fall off from the bed.

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