Choose Your Baby Gender Before Conception

Choose Your Baby Gender: Pink Or Blue?Choose Your Baby Gender

Due to advancements in science and technology, there have been well-proven techniques to choose your baby gender.

This concept came to light when it was seen that genetic disorders were passed on to baby or couples were trying to inculcate “Family Balancing”.

There have been recorded evident cases where this technique was misused and hence it is illegal to get the “gender test” at the time of conception.

Choosing Baby Gender Before Conception

  • The timing of intercourse is one of the most important aspects of gender. Usually, it is said that Y-sperms are faster but smaller and short-lived while X-Sperms are stronger but slower. Because of this, it is better for boy-wishing couples to have intercourse just before (2-3 days) the ovulation.
  • Orgasm is one such factor which is more likely to do with PH level. The body releases substance having alkaline nature which indicates “male” gender.
  • It is also advised if a male counterpart takes a hot shower bath before intercourse which makes the temperature preferable for a “girl” child.

They are well accepted by medical practices and cause no harm to the body and the infant.

Can We Choose Gender In IVF In India?

The Concept of IVF (In Vitro fertilization) has gained much popularity in India. The concept of an IVF is clear; man’s sperms are fused with women’s egg outside the body through close supervision and monitoring.

Eventually, eggs are developed into embryos and this is placed back in women’s body.

This technique became successful due to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). Yes, you can surely know the gender in IVF.

As and when those embryos gets old, parental screening is a must and observed through PGS. Those are studied under a microscope to know the normal genetic makeup and pair of chromosomes.

It is evident to note, doctors can easily tell about the XX (girl) or XY (male) gender.

IVF Treatment For Baby Boy

There could be several reasons for selecting a Y chromosome which may include the need for an heir to continue the legacy or might end up with parental pressure.

Indian families are still insisted with a male child and it has been reported that this procedure works more for a baby boy than for a girl. However, there is still a need for attitudinal shift.

Chances Of Baby Boy In IVF

It is sure to conclude that you have 3-6% more chance of having a baby boy than a girl. According to a recent report, IVF produces more boys than ICSI (53.1%).

This also depends on how fast the embryos are placed back in the body. Over the years, it was noted that it helped in increasing the birth proportions and controlled infertility.

IVF has gained much popularity and brings hopes for a lot of couples in India. Looking at the other side of the coin, the treatment is still costly but a ray of hope and happiness for thousands of people who went through a lot of pain and trauma.

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