Cancer Statistics In India: Hits More Women, But More Men Die

Cancer  Statistics In India: Men Vs Women

cancer statistics in india

  • Overall Incidence of cancer

Total per year- 10.14L (Men- 4.77L; Women-5.37L)

  • Overall Mortality:

Total per year- 6.82L (Men- 3.56L; Women-3.26L)

Top 5 cancers among Indian men (incidences):

  1. Lip/oral cavity- 0.53L
  2. Lung—0.53L
  3. Stomach- 0.43L
  4. Colorectal- 0.37
  5. Esophagus- 0.27L

Top 5 cancers among Indian women (incidences):

  1. Breast Cancer- 1.44L
  2. Cervix uteri- 1.23L
  3. Colorectal- 0.27L
  4. Ovary- 0.26L
  5. Stomach- 0.19L

Estrogen, the female sex hormone that shields young women against cardiovascular disease, plays a role in her battle with cancer as well. It not only increases her chances of getting the disease but also increases her chances of survival, says, doctors. Statistics proof this. The WHO- developed statistical tool Globocan 2012 shows the big C has afflicted more Indian women than men, but more Indian men died due to cancer than women, said the world cancer report 2014.

Doctors in Chandigarh’s PG Institute of Medical education and research surmise women are subject to more medical attention in their lifespan, allowing cancers to be picked at an early stage and hence improving life expectancy.


In all 5.37 lakh, Indian women got cancer in 2012 as against 4.77 lakh men, says the world cancer report. But 3.56 lakh men died of the disease in comparison to 3.26 lakh women in 2012. Hence can say, 75% of the men affected by cancer have a low life expectancy, while the mortality rate of cancer in women is 60%.

Cancer Mortality Rate:

Cancer mortality rate is gender bias and that is noticeable. Dr. Kapoor, deptt. of radiotherapy at PGI-MER said, “ Women are subject to more medical attention in their lifespan as compared to men. During an antenatal checkup, menopause problems and menstrual disorders, women get investigated and, by default, screened for cancer. Therefore, cancers are picked up at an early stage and morality is less.” He said most national policies for screening are directed more towards cancers that hit women such as breast cancer and cervix cancer, as they are non-invasive. “Also, men have prolonged exposure to lifestyle risk factor that causes cancer such as tobacco use, substance abuse, and alcohol consumption, “ he added.

Doctors say this could be because the lung and oral cavity cancers that are the leading cancers among men are usually detected at a late stage. “95% of these cancers are due to tobacco consumption, and 40% of all cancers in India are due to tobacco abuse. Cancer mortality is high as it is hard to detect these cancers. We come across patients during an advanced stage of disease, so they are tough to treat,” said Dr. Ravi director of ICMR affiliated NICPR. Hence can say cancer mortality rate is high in men than women while incidences are low.

Breast Cancer: The Highest Incidence And Mortality In Women

The world cancer report estimates that of 1.58L lung cancer deaths worldwide in 2012, 30.90% were of women and 69.10% of men. Breast cancer is detected early, particularly in the western world. There is no screening of cancers in men. As per ICMR’s  latest cancer registry, breast cancer, with an estimated 1.5lakh (over 10% of all cancers) new incidence cases during 2016, is the number one cancer.

Among all cancers in both sexes, incidences of breast cancer are highest at 1.44L, while the cervix uteri are the second most frequently occurring one with 1.22L cases. The third most common cancer is of the lip and oral cavity with 0.53L men affected.

Hence Breast cancer is the biggest killer of Indian women with 70,218 deaths per year out of total incidences of 1,44,937 per annum. While oral cavity is a curse for Indian men with 53842 deaths out of 36436 incidences.

Source: TOI

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