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C-Section ScarC-Section Scar

C-section scar is the scar which occurs due to giving birth to the baby through the operating procedure. When the baby is given birth via cesarean, a scar arises called C section scar.

Babies taking birth through cesarean are getting more common these days. Though this procedure is not expected by a woman when babies breach down or there is a complication in giving birth to the baby.

C-section is made which leaves a scar on the abdomen of the mother. The C-section scar normally varies from 5-7 inches in length. Though this procedure is attempted in those cases where there isn’t time to use any other procedure or any suitable method.

C-Section Scar Infection:

The changes of C-section scar infection are less tough, but it is definitely not a thing to ignore. You should always keep looking for symptoms and sign of any prospective infection.

Though it can be treated but infection in the C section is what you don’t want to increase. The C-section wound is caused by the bacterial infection in the incision site.

Here are some signs which you must look for so, that proper C-section healing can take place-:

  1. Increase in the abdominal pain
  2. Pain, swelling, itchiness, and redness in the area
  3. Facing difficulty in urinating
  4. Passing of blood clots from the vagina
  5. Fever 100.4’ F or above

C-Section Scar Pain:

C-section scar pain is something that must not be ignored, but what happens is that many times women ignore the pain as they think it of as common and normal pain arising out as a result of the scar or wound.

If you feel any kind of cramp or tearing like pain which restricts you from moving or even changing positions a visit to the hospital is not a bad idea. A little tensing or jerk in your abdominal muscles makes it feel like it’s going to tear open.

Many times these pains are due to the stretching of your muscles and many times if you stop moving can make your result.

Do C-Section Scars Go Away?

Do C-section scars go way or not is a common question, C section scar arises due to the incision which is made on the abdomen. Though complete healing of the C-section scar will take time.

What most women wonder about is what will the scar fade away or not. Though the fading away of the scar depends upon what measures you take and the impact of these depends on the body to the body of the person.

Numerous numbers of scar reduction creams are available in the market and you can choose any of them. Some home remedies tips include using silicone gel, vitamin-E cream & honey which are found to be very effective in such cases.

But one thing you must always remember that this scar is something to be proud of not to be ashamed of. As it is the sign of your motherhood and a baby was given birth through it.

C-Section Scar Treatment:

The most common perception about C-section scar is that it must be big in size. But that is not the case the scar is relatively small and won’t create any problem for you.

C section scar treatment is basically a care and precautionary issue. While the scar is fresh it is recommended to be careful with it, taking precaution such as not lifting weights, making fewer movements and not meddling with the healing process.

Beware of the signs of C-section scar infection the symptoms of it are mentioned above. Usually, the C-section scar gets healed up within a period of 6 weeks and then you can take measures to fade the scar way.

Many times still the pinkish or reddish color can be noticed and that is completely normal as it remains up to six months and then forms a whitish line. Some methods of completely treating the C-section scar is through laser treatment.

C-Section Scar Removal:

C-Section Scar treatment

Laser Treatment

Though your surgeon would take steps to treat the C section scar and for its removal, you can take treatments such as laser treatment.

Which uses fractional ablative radio-frequency pixel laser’s precise light wavelength to stimulate collagen and elastin growth in the skin. It helps to reduce the C-section scars. Laser treatments have their own benefits such as -:

  1. Almost no side effects
  2. Very less pain or discomfort
  3. No extra bedrest or precautions required
  4. No economic loss as you continue your daily activities

Laser treatment is found to be very effective. It tends to have a higher success rate and are getting popular day by day due to their effectiveness and feasibility.

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