C-Section Risks, Reasons and Effects on Baby

c section risks

C- Section Risks

A Cesarean surgery or mainly known by C-Section is the surgical way of delivering a baby. However, C-Section Risks have to be kept in mind and the mother needs to ensure the safety of baby.

It is evident to note that C-Section risks prevail and babies are exposed to different hormonal, physical conditions.

C- Section Risks for Babies

It is one of the most important phases of life and hence normal deliveries are always given high priority. C-section Risks are high and are mentioned below.

  • There is a high risk of fatal lacerations. Almost 1.5% chance that baby can be affected with the knife used by the surgeon. There are factors that increase this risk which includes Active labor, Emergency C-Section or his lack of experience.
  • Ultrasounds give an estimate about delivery but C-Sections Risk is even high in case of Prematurity. Babies born before the due date results in different kind of complications.
  • Babies born with C-Sections have a greater intensity of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension. They have low level of oxygen in blood levels.
  • There is also a great risk of a condition called Wet Lung where the fluid has not been expelled during the labor.
  • As soon as the baby is born they are given an APGAR Test Score (which means that the baby needs any medical treatment or not). It was observed that the baby born with C-section have low APGAR Scores.
  • Babies born with C-Section are exposed to harmful bacteria that are not good for their long term health.

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Reasons for C-Section Birth

C-Section Risk is quite high as clearly demonstrated but there stands condition where it becomes necessary to operate the women through surgery. Some of the reasons as mentioned below:

  • Abnormal Positioning
  • Fetal Distress
  • Prolonged Labour
  • In case of a baby with defects
  • Chronic Health Conditions

Facts about C-Section

  • You won’t feel pain during the procedure however, you may feel when the baby has been in the breech position.
  • There may be shivering during or after the procedure.
  • Your muscles in the abdomen get weak during C-section , however, they get strengthen after birth.
  • You can get constipated after C-section and you need medical treatment to loosen the stool.
  • You mum-tummy may remain even after the surgery and hence we see normal deliveries women stay fitter and in shape.
C-Section Risk and Benefits

There is a lot of C-Section Risks that we had already talked about in the beginning.

Here are some of the benefits for the same. If there is planned C-section surgery, it reduces the risk of heavy bleeding after the birth of a baby, injury to the vagina, pain during and after the birth.

However, it should be noted that these conditions still happen but with less intensity.

Second C-Section Risks

According to new research conducted it was found that mothers conceiving their second baby through C section were somewhat safe.

American researchers have gone deep way and found almost 0.9% babies faced serious complications or died compared with 2.4% which gave their second chance through normal delivery.

However, there is a complication of the rupture of the uterus during labor which results in neurological complications.

Precautions After C-section Delivery

Some of the well-advised precautions after C-section delivery.

  • A great amount of sleep and care for a speedy recover.
  • You have to take care of your body.
  • It is common to see postpartum depression after C-section and hence mothers with this condition should ask for help.
  • Eat healthy and fibrous food.
  • Sexual intercourse after C-section delivery can be painful and should be consulted to doctor if pain persists.

C-section deliveries are now common. It stands important to gain full knowledge before taking a final decision. “BE SMART, BE WISE”.

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