C-Section Pain: Is It Painful? Precautions And Pain Relief

C-Section Pain

C-Section pain

You must have come across some babies are delivered normally while some mothers have to undergo C-Section surgery. You must be wondering does C-Section Pain? This article will give you all the exhaustive details about what goes through C–Section? Long Term Effects and another important measure.

Is C-Section Painful?

C-Section pain is not felt because of the procedure adopted. There might be some sensations felt in the body due to pull and pressure exerted.

Anesthesia is given which makes the lower part of body numb and hence the pain is not felt.

Although the mothers are awake when the whole procedure is done and can see their babies taking birth and coming up in this new world.

Pain After C-Section Stays How Long?

You might be feeling some sort of soreness and you might be bleeding or may have discharge up to 6 months of the time period and that is pretty normal.

C Section Scar Pain

There might be a number of problem with the C-section scar. The scars are sensitive and cause pain while lifting some items or due to changes in positions.

C Section Scar Pain During Periods

If you feel that the tissues are painful after C-Section and the situation gets worse at the time of periods, you should consult a doctor.

C-Section Pain is still prevalent months after delivery. Endometrial tissues are usually present inside the uterus of women.

This may be helpful at the time of fertility however, it gets painful at the time of periods and as it grows outside the uterus.

Internal Pain After C-Section

.Internal pain situation also arises after C-Section The kind of myofascial pain affects the belly wall and results in muscles and pelvic pain.

Internal pain makes the situation critical as it affects the movement.

This pain can also be because of complications like infections which results in severe abdominal pain, pain at the incision site, redness that results in internal pain.

Long Term Effects Of C-Section On Baby

New Research has proved that babies born with C-Section have long term effects on the baby. They develop chronic diseases like obesity, asthma and long term diabetes.

Research proves that around 20% of the babies born with C-Section develop Type 1 diabetes. These findings are striking. Breathing difficulties remain in babies for a longer period of time.

Precautions After C Section Delivery

It usually takes 4-6 months for complete recovery. Unlike normal delivery which has a fast recovery. Some of the precautions after C-Section delivery:

  • Medications have to be taken for pain and discomfort
  • Ample amount of water has to be taken (Liquid Items)
  • Fiber Rich food and enough sleep have to be taken.
  • Right Technique for Breastfeeding has to be monitored.
  • Care has to be taken for scars and wounds.
C Section Pain Relief

C-Section Pain Relief could be taken care by the following measures.

  • Care has to be taken for relief in pain. Take proper rest in this case.
  • Don’t take the stairs too often.
  • Medications can be taken like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
  • Heating Pad can be used to cure the discomfort.
  • Take nutrition filled diet and rich fiber diet.

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