Breastfeeding Problems | Latching On, Pain Or Low Milk Supply

Breastfeeding ProblemsBreastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding Problems Latching On

When a baby is at improper latching on then it can lead to a number of breastfeeding problems. Babies who don’ get enough milk may start putting on weight or they can even lose weight.

Mothers may also face the problem of breast engorgement or plugged milk ducts etc. it becomes painful for mothers when babies don’t get proper latching on.

Breastfeeding problem latching on is common. When a baby does not take the breast properly and correctly, will not get as much milk. Sometimes it leaves the nipples sore.

In order to eradicate the breastfeeding problem latching on is that the mother should position herself correctly. The flow of milk is better when a mother is in a relaxed position.

It is always easier to breastfeed the baby when arms, shoulders, and back are well supported. Take a lot of pillows for support or sit on a chair with a supporting back.

You can listen to soothing music to feel more relaxed while breastfeeding. Now make your baby comfortable too. Make your baby sleep in your lap and babies always perform better when they are at the relaxed position. Babies latch on best when they are in a quiet yet alert state of mind.

Make sure that your baby’s face and body are turned towards the breasts and the level of mouth and nipples should match up. Next what you have to do is to cup your breast in hand and try to make baby drink the milk by slipping the breast in baby’s mouth so that baby opens up the mouth.

Breastfeeding problem of latch on is only because of the wrong position so correcting the position will make the problem of improper latch on solved.

Breastfeeding Problems Low Milk Supply

It is a common question that comes up in the mind of almost every mother that is there any breastfeeding problem of low milk supply. First of all, you need to analyze that is really your milk supply low?

If it is visible that your baby is gaining weight then there is no problem in the supply of milk.

If you are concerned with the low supply of milk then to get in touch with a trained breastfeeding counselor will be helpful. If the baby is not gaining enough weight or is losing weight then you need to get in contact with the doctor.

Medical aid and treatment for babies losing weight are very necessary until the supply of milk increases. Best thing to supplement the milk is to give your own pumped milk.

Causes of low milk supply are as follows:

  • Supplementing: Nursing is demand and supply process in which milk is produced for nourishing baby’s growth. The amount of milk a mother nurses lets her body know how much milk is required. When a baby is switching towards bottle means less amount of milk is needed to be produced.
  • Bottle preference: A bottle takes less effort to supply milk. Baby gets the milk easily via bottle’s nipples than the breast. So the baby gets interested in having a bottle because of the easy availability and flow of milk.
  • When the feeding is scheduled, it interferes with the supply and demand of milk production and also can lead to reduced supply. Nurse whenever the baby feels hungry and nursing infrequently will lead to the reduced supply of milk.
  • If you feel to supply more milk then offer the first breast to the baby and wait for him to finish off and then offer another breast for milk.

Breastfeeding Problems Pain

First and very common breastfeeding problem pain is latching pain. It is when a mother breastfeeds for the very first time then her nipples feel sore especially when it is the first baby. But when the pain lasts longer than a minute then positioning of the mother as well as a baby should be checked.

Another problem is cracked nipples. Dry skin, improper pumping or latching problems may result into cracked nipples. During the first week, a little amount of blood may discharge and it won’t hurt the baby.

If you start feeling feverish or achy, you find some redness around the nipples, that’s a sign of infection. A tight nursing bra can lead to clogged ducts. Having stress level high may also lead to the low supply of milk.

Mastitis is a kind of bacterial infection found in breasts which are marked by flu-like symptoms. Signs such as fever and pain in breasts indicate mastitis.

Thrush is a kind of yeast infection which is found in the baby’s mouth, which can also spread to mother’s breasts. It causes itchiness, soreness and rashes can also be seen.

During the first couple of months, the baby is sleepy while breastfeeding. He craves for the breastfeeding but when it’s time to suck and intake milk, the baby sleeps.

Engorgement– if the baby does not remove milk from breasts in an adequate manner then it may lead to engorgement. Engorgement may cause the breasts to feel hard, painful and may appear taut and shiny. It may lead to difficulty in further breastfeeding.

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