Breast Pains Before Period | Cyclical & NonCyclical Breast Pain

Breast Tenderness Before Periodbreast tenderness before period

Breast pains before the period is a relatively common phenomenon in the reproductive age group in women that is the time they start their periods till the time they achieve their menopause.

Every breast pain does not mean cancer that is the most common fear people develop once they experience any kind of a pain in their breasts.

It is very common to see a cyclical change of response of the breasts to the hormones in a woman who’s in the reproductive age that means that your breasts are also affected by the hormonal change you undergo every month.

Breast tenderness before a period or premenstrual breast tenderness or swelling is also known as cyclical mastalgia in medical science.

This is one of the common symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

Women experiencing breast pains before period can often have large non-cancerous lumps in their breasts that disappear on pushing and shrink once menses ends.

Breast Tenderness Meaning

The breast tenderness meaning is the feeling of discomfort, sensitivity or pain in the breasts before the period begins.

It is associated with the way in which breasts response to the hormonal fluctuations and is referred to as cyclical breast pain or cyclical Mastalgia.

Cyclical Mastalgia is an extremely common scenario among women and there is nothing to worry about unless the pain is severe.

Non-Cyclic Breast Pain

Non Cyclic breast pain or non-cyclic mastalgia is the pain which is not linked to the menstrual cycle.

It can be triggered because of many other reasons that are not related to hormonal changes and cause continuous pain and influence women before and after menopause.

Other conditions like benign breast conditions, injury to the breast, previous breast surgeries or side effects of drugs can trigger such pain.

Feeling prickling, soreness, discomfort, tightness or burning sensation are the signs of non-cyclic breast pain in both the breasts or any specific area.

Sharp Breast Pain

A sharp breast pain before period is a feeling of being stabbed or burnt in the area of the breasts and or the pain can be felt inside the breast, beneath the breast or somewhere near the breast.

It might not be related to menstrual cycle and can be a type of non-cyclical breast tenderness.

This can be caused because of oral contraceptive medications, hormone therapies and even because of an uncomfortable bra support.

Left Breast Pain

There can be several aspects of left breast pain. There can be several reasons behind such pain that can be related to the breast or completely different.

Some prospective breast-related reasons behind left-breast pain before period can be:

  • Injuries
  • Breast surgeries
  • Milk duct conditions and infections
  • Hormonal changes
  • Infection
  • Lumps

 Non-breast related reasons like a pain in the chest wall, cardiac causes, digestive system conditions, hernia, inflammation of the cartilage between breastbone (sternum) and ribs and pneumonia can also cause left breast tenderness.

Breast Tenderness Causes

Fluctuating hormone levels can account for most of the breast tenderness causes in women of the reproductive age.

The hormones may fluctuate during menses. The hormones estrogen and progesterone specifically rise from day 14 to 28 of the normal cycle.

The estrogen levels fluctuate usually in the middle of the cycle whereas the progesterone levels rise during the week before periods begin.

The intensity and time of hormonal change vary from lady to lady.

What Hormone Causes Breast Pains Before Period?

So, what hormone causes breast tenderness? The two most essential female hormones estrogen and progesterone fluctuate during the menstrual cycle each month.

Estrogen enlarges the breast ducts and progesterone, on the other hand, causes the milk glands to swell, both of which can cause the breasts to feel sore, swollen and lumpy.

These imbalances cause the pain to trigger two or three days before menses and disappear as soon as periods end.

Breast Tenderness Before Ovulation

Breast tenderness before ovulation is associated with the rush of hormones in the body exactly before a matured egg is released by the follicles.

Breasts can feel sore, heavy and full. Ovulation causes pain on the sides of the breast and nearby areas.

Although ovulation, pregnancy and PMS all the three cause extreme hormonal changes and can cause pain, pain during ovulation is majorly felt on the breast sides.

Breast Tenderness Before Period Vs Early Pregnancy Sign

Breast tenderness before a period may begin right before the period, linger on during the blood flow and disappear as soon as period’s end.

It is common among women of childbearing ages and varies in intensity from women to women.

The breast tissue can feel lumpy and heavy and a dull breast pain can be experienced which seizes right after the menses ends. Due to a fall in the progesterone levels, the pain can improve during the end of the menstrual cycle.

In case of early pregnancy, depending on the fluctuation levels of progesterone, a woman’s breasts may feel sore, tender, swollen and fuller during the initial weeks of early pregnancy and this can continue depending on the levels of progesterone.

The basic difference between breast pain before period and early pregnancy is that breast pain before period subsides as soon as periods end and breast pain during early pregnancy can last for the initial weeks and continue until late depending on progesterone levels.


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