Body Changes During Pregnancy Week By Week

Body Changes During PregnancyBody Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with various changes in your life both mentally and physically. The thought of having a baby come in your life is just fascinating. In this whole journey of nine months, you will see various changes in your body. You will have various body changes during pregnancy such as a stretched belly, changes in weight, mood swings, morning sickness, and body aches.

You will also encounter an increase in breast size. Pregnancy is a period where your body is overloaded with work.

Pregnancy is something which also causes tremendous changes in the genital region of your body. They may be such as swollen veins or the swollen vaginal region.

Many times the changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy are uncomfortable.

Body Changes During Pregnancy Week By Week:

It is very interesting for the women to study the changes going in her body. They are very fascinated to know all the changes going in her body during all these 42 weeks.

There are rare significant changes seen during the first three weeks. Hence, here is information about the body changes during pregnancy week by week from 4 to 8 week.

  1.  Body changes in the 4th week of pregnancy: This is the period where you are anxious to know whether you are pregnant or not.  This is why you are wondering why your period is delayed. Many a times woman get confused with bleeding that occurs on the egg implantation and think that to be mensuration. As well as you should take a pregnancy test and look for signs such as you have an increased sense of smell, softness of the breast and normal sickness.
  2.  Body changes in the 5th week of pregnancy: This is the time when you are almost sure that you are pregnant. This is the beginning the journey that lies ahead. The period from where your body will see various changes. Some changes that you would feel are an increase in the heart rate and feeling more tired.
  3.  Body changes in the 6th week of pregnancy: This is the time when your body starts to show you the true signs of pregnancy and you start to feel nausea or like vomiting all the time. All the symptoms of the first trimester start to occur.
  4.  Body changes in the 7th week of pregnancy: Physical changes in the body start to show up. You will start to show an increase in the weight and seem to have gained quite a few pounds.
  5.  Body changes in the 8th week of pregnancy: In this phase, your hunger tends to increase and you would seem to have a significant increase in your cravings and you tend to eat snacks or ice creams. It is normal to happen as you have a baby going to nurture in you and your body needs energy for it.

When Does Your Stomach Harden During Pregnancy?

Now as and when your pregnancy starts to take pace, All the symptoms of pregnancy come out in open. But it is popular among women that their stomach hardens during pregnancy.

So many women question when does your stomach Harden during pregnancy. In this stage your stomach starts to get hard it usually feels like a hard ball.

It is such a physical change which can be easily felt and seen. This bump can be felt between the pubic bone and the belly button.

Hard stomach during pregnancy is one of the most common and significant changes which one can feel. 

Body Changes When Pregnant With A Baby:

Though there is no specific hard and fast rule regarding the relationship between the body changes when pregnant with a baby.

Some signs though can be seen which have been evidenced and seen in the past. You might feel that you are not so nauseous as one would have expected to be, you face, less morning sickness.

This is something which is seen in the case of women who are pregnant with a baby boy. Your cravings tend to be more on the salty and sour side.

If you find your skin to be dry than normally it is then it can also be an indication of a boy growing inside you.

Your sleeping posture tends to be more on the left side as a preference this is also a sign that it might be a baby boy. 

Physical Changes During Pregnancy Month By Month ( From 3 To 9 Months)

Pregnancy is something which brings a huge change in women’s lives. Just from the day when she comes to know that she is pregnant, it’s always about how is it gonna be.

The changes that you will see in the future during the course of pregnancy.  Here is some information about the physical changes during pregnancy month by month.

  1.  Changes during the 3rd month of pregnancy:  It is the end of the first trimester. This trimester is all about the adjustments that the body makes for the pregnancy. Now you can clearly see the changes coming in your body during the pregnancy. Some changes such as the expansion of the uterus, nausea, and vomiting now start to decrease and wave away.
  2.  Changes during the 4th month of pregnancy: This month looks to be more normal than the other months seen, you hormone level that has been surging now tend to come down. You also begin to feel slight movements which are the sign of the developing fetus.
  3.  Changes during the 5th month of pregnancy: The preceding months have been comfortable and slightly normal than the other ones in the pregnancy. This month marks the beginning of the increase in the weight and the growth of the pregnant belly month by month. due to a tremendous increase in the diet you tend to face bloating and constipation. During this period the fingers and the facial muscles have developed.
  4.  Changes during the 6th month of pregnancy:  This month marks the end of the second trimester. By this time your baby has entered into the active development phase. Problems which are common while pregnancy such as constipation, bleeding gums, cramps and anxiety become more regular now. This is the phase where you should be more cautious as you might hemorrhoids.
  5.  Changes during the 7th month of pregnancy: This is the beginning of the third and the final trimester. it is the time where can expect and start to be prepared for the baby’s arrival. Your body starts to prepare itself for the final trimester of the pregnancy.
  6.  Changes during the 8th month of pregnancy: This is the time where the baby’s growth is at its peak, your body is working overtime and you need more and more rest. Indigestion, Braxton hicks contractions, weight gain becomes something that is regular now. This month is just the coming end of your pregnancy and your baby is just being prepared and final development is taking place.
  7.  Changes during the 9th month of pregnancy: This is the last and the final month of your pregnancy. Now you just expect the baby to arrive. You should prepare yourself for the delivery, which may now arise at any time. Your baby has now started to descend in the pelvis. Your body has started to prepare itself to go in labor.
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