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Birth Plan | How To WriteBirth Plan

 Birth Plan:

A birth plan is basically a document which personifies your pregnancy. It tells about your expectations and preferences regarding your pregnancy, especially while in the time of labor.

It is of ample use to the doctor while you are in labor, as every woman’s body is different & different nature of pregnancy.

So your preferences regarding your labor or other pregnancy-related stuff are mentioned through the birth plan.

A birth plan also keeps your healthcare provider’s memory updated from time to time.

It also notifies new members of your medical team, which may be your labor and delivery nurse about your condition preferences when you’re in labor.

Why You Should Make A Birth Plan:

Pregnancy and delivery, your baby, you never want anything to go wrong. In fact, you have got everything planned in your mind, how it would go.

A birth plan is a just way to tell your doctor for delivery how you want it. Why should you make a birth plan, here are some reasons:

  1. Facilitates Communication- it’s always a wish that your doctor should know what you want. In pregnancy, your doctor should know how you want the delivery. It is a medium to communicate with your doctor.
  2.  Wish To Avoid Drugs- many times it is a case where women want to avoid drugs or any medicines. Sometimes they are not prescribed to take drugs for medical reasons. In case your doctor for delivery changes. Your birth plan will work just right for you providing you a drug-free delivery.
  3.  You Understand As You Do It- Women do a study about pregnancy but many times what they ignore is the procedure of labor and delivery. As in birth plan you mention about your preferences for labor and delivery you have to study the procedures and methods for delivery. So while making it you too get an opportunity to understand the procedure of delivery.
  4. Ease Of Mind- Women spent loads of time discussing and studying about pregnancy. You keep wondering about your delivery but making a birth plan provides ease to mind as you are assured that all this will happen as you wish it to be.

How To Write A Birth Plan:

A birth plan is something that every pregnant woman shall make. It’s a method of expressing your expectations and preferences while labor and delivery.

Here are some tips on how to write a birth plan-:

  1. Introduction: Many times it may be the case that your doctor on duty while delivery may not be the same one. So your birth plan must contain your introduction as for them to know something about you and your partner.
  2. Introduce Your Partner: It must contain details about your partner. It Maybe anyone your husband, your sister, your mother, mother in law etc. Informing the staff about your partner help them to contact a person when in need.
  3. The Room And Scenario: you may also describe in the room at the scenario in which you want your delivery to happen. It’s like how you want it to feel and look. It’s completely normal to tell about these things.
  4. Medication Or Not: you should also mention in the birth plan that you want a medicated or unmedicated delivery. Many times women do not want to have drugs while in labor or they may not be prescribed to do so. So you should mention this in your birth plan.
  5. Others: you may also mention some new one procedures, persons allowed in the room after delivery some other stuff as well.

Birth Plan Checklist:

Birth plan checklist something that is provided by the hospital or you can create on your own.

A birth plan checklist usually contains some introductory details such as Name, due date, health care provider etc. and some of your preferences regarding labor and delivery.

While in labor – how would you like the room scenario e.g. dim lights, music, Importance of mobility for you.

Preferences about hydration and nutrition.

Other kinds of stuff such as- baby monitoring, pain relief dealing, augmentation etc.

Other delivery procedures such as- if you are willing to wait to push or want vacuum use etc.

Birth, baby care and other options in any other case.

Birth Plan Ideas:

The components mentioned above for the checklist in the birth plan are to be written with proper thought and knowledge.

Birth plan ideas for women are to help them make the birth plan self-describing & concise.

Elements such as preferences regarding labor involve the position you want to choose for delivery, how active you choose to be in the process.

Your partner choice must describe what you want from your partner at that moment.

Your room scenario must describe the aura of your room to make it feasible for the doctor to maintain it.

Such as if you want to listen to music, lighting conditions, something that you would like to eat or anything relevant.

While writing your birth you must keep in mind that it must be concise and must speak for itself to the doctor to save their time and really give value to it.

Birth Plan Template:

While making a plan you must keep in mind that it is not the final decision.

The final decision is held in the hand of a doctor because delivery is unpredictable and the doctor does what is best for you and your baby.

Your plan must be compelling & understandable to your Healthcare Provider. Here are some examples & template about how you should write your preferences in a birth plan.

  1. “is feasible, I would like to”
  2. “I wish to choose “this” only if it’s important”
  3. “If possible I wish to”
  4. “ Unless the case of emergency, I’d prefer”
  5. “I wish ‘this’ person to be by my side”

You can download your Birth Plan Template from here.

Pros And Cons Of Writing A Birth Plan:

Many might ask for the pros and cons of writing a birth plan. Here are some pros:


  1. Gives You A Feeling Of Control And Responsibility-: Many times while pregnant women feel that they have less to do regarding their pregnancy. Its others who influence the decision but making a birth plan gives them a feeling of their participation.
  2. Acts As A  Coordinating Mechanism Between You And Your Doctor-: Many times there is tuition that while delivery your doctor is not the same one. The plan helps you to get your doctor informed about your preferences and expectations from your pregnancy.
  3. It’s A Comfort To Have It While The Time Of Labor And Delivery-: With all the changes and activity suggested by the Healthcare provider to do while in labor and delivery. But you are prepared some of your preferences then it’s always helpful and gives ease to mind.
  4. Work From Your Side-: the plan helps your midwives, nurses and assists them to take care regarding labor and delivery. Make them aware of your preferences and expectations.


  1. High Level Of Uncertainty- you’re well prepared and expected birth plan is usually not what actually happens. While labor and delivery it is of common parlance for something to go differently as planned.
  2. Disappointment Ways Ahead- knowing that you had planned your labor and delivery. Saw some dreams about it. But if things do not go as planned disappointment is really bound to occur.
  3. Ignorance By The Nurses- Many times it is the case that your nurse or doctor do not properly acknowledge the birth plan. It’s not just about their behavior but they do have to make sure even if they have read it by asking it from you.
  4. Variation Is Always Constant- Every woman has a different body and different types of pregnancy behavior. Your labor and delivery is bound to occur in a different way. Hence, your pre-planning it is likely to go in vain.

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