How Does Birth Control Pills Work? Birth Control Pill Brands

How Does Birth Control Pills Work?How does birth control pills work

Each month a woman’s body especially the uterus starts to prepare itself for pregnancy, where the implantation of fertilized eggs start. Now how does birth control pills work here? The answer is that :

  1. The lower estrogen level in oral contraceptive pills prevent pituitary gland from releasing LH (a hormone responsible for maturing the egg).
  2. With No LH surge undergo the process of preventing the ovulation henceforth obstructing the production of any eggs from the ovaries. Hence oral contraceptive pills block any chance of pregnancy and there remain no eggs to fertilize. Keep in mind that birth control pills work for only 91% of the times.
  3. Progestin in Pills thickens the cervical mucus, blocking passage of sperm into uterus. If sperms not able to reach fallopian tubes, It lowers the possibility of fertilization.

 How Long Does Birth Control Pills Take To Work?

Normally the OCPs take 7 days to work after you start. Meanwhile within the seven days, you can use other methods like condoms for preventing pregnancy.

How Fast Does Birth Control Pills Work?

The birth control pills (combination) work the fastest when the intake is during periods. While progestin only pills work the earliest within 48 hours and combination other than period days work the fastest as within seven days.

How Long Until Birth Control Pills Are Effective?

Frequently asked questions include “how long until birth control pills are effective”. Contraceptive pills have to be taken on a regular basis i.e, the pills work only if you take one pill every day.

For the pills to start working, it takes seven days, but you have to take the pills everyday to keep yourself protected from pregnancy as one pill works for about 24 hours.

Can You Overdose On Birth Control Pills?

An old proverb says “Excess of anything is bad”. Absolutely true! Well, same is the case with contraceptives.

Medicines as they are just a method of controlling a problem instead of arising some other.

Doubtful about if the birth control pills work, many people as an impulsive behavior do question  “ can you overdose on birth control pills”?  No!  like every other thing, there are certain side effects of taking excessive OCPs.

Generally, the pills may not prove to be life-threatening but an overdose may result in nausea, vomiting, pain, headaches, period problems, blood with vomiting, etc.

If Taking Two Birth Control Pills At Once?

Don’t panic if you happen to swallow two oral contraceptive pills at a time. There may be side effects mostly like nausea because of overdose.

In such a case take rest and eat something to reduce the effect of excessive hormone intake. Further, from the next day onward, take your dose in a usual manner.

Birth Control Pills Brands

When it’s your body, there has to be no compromise. Be it food or medicine, you have to choose the best for your body where quality is the priority.

Here are some popular birth control pills brands recommended:

  1. Alesse
  2. Apri
  3. Aranelle
  4. Aviane
  5. Enpresse
  6. Estrostep
  7. Lessina
  8. Levlen
  9. Levlite
  10. Levora
  11. Loestrin
  12. Mircette
  13. Natazi
  14. Nordette
  15. Lo/Ortho-Novum
  16. Ortho Tri-Cyclen
  17. Yasmin
  18. Yaz

Here are some popular Brands of Birth control pills in India:

  1. Yasmin: a combination of estradiol and drospirenone prevents pregnancy and cures irregular periods. the pill is also known to treat ovarian cysts
  2. Ovral: Progestin and estrogen pills prevent the liberation of eggs from ovaries and avoid pregnancy
  3. Bandhan: this is another popular birth control pill containing levonorgestrel. This pill inhibits the fertilization of an egg by the sperm and interferes with the lining of the uterus. so the process of implantation is hampered
  4. Duoluton L: This common contraceptive pill also contains levonorgestrel and protects you from conceiving
  5. Choice: It is another economical and easily available oral contraceptive pill. it contains levonorgestrel and prevents fertilization of the egg by sperm
  6. Deviry: This pill contains medroxyprogesterone, a progesterone derivative. Besides preventing pregnancy, medroxyprogesterone treats breast cancer and other menstrual problems
  7. MT-Pill: this commonly available pill contains mifepristone, a synthetic steroid. It interferes with the hormones required for the continuation of pregnancy
  8. Centron: it contains ormeloxifene-the estrogen derivative. it prevents pregnancy and also treats dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Pills To Avoid Pregnancy After 72 Hours

 In case you have been avoiding oral contraceptive pills before having an intercourse or have missed out such, there are certain other ‘morning pills’ that have to be taken for preventing any chances of pregnancy.

Some of these pills like i-pill, unwanted 72, preventol, CLR 72 etc, work only if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex.

If you have missed taking the pill within 72 hours, some of the pills to avoid pregnancy after 72 hours like Ellaone can be taken in case of emergencies.

Birth Control Pills For PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one such condition which is most common among women these days. It ultimately results in the lower levels of progesterone hormone among women.

Now birth control pill works as a measure for control of PCOS by increasing the female hormones. Here progestin-only contraceptives are used for women who cannot take combination OCPs.

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