Coconut Oil For Babies, Uses And Benefits

Coconut Oil for Babiescoconut oil for babies

You might be wondering Coconut Oil has well-proven benefits but can we supplement on babies food? Is it safe for babies? How Coconut Oil can help in growth and development? Babies are known to have a tender and gentle skin. Mothers usually try to use those nourishing products that give maximum care for baby’s skin and coconut oil for babies is one such product.

It comes with several benefits. It is a natural and beneficial thing. The oil is derived from a coconut tree and different variants are available in the market.

Coconut Oil for babies is used to cure different things and there are different ways of using it.

Coconut Oil For Kids

Coconut oil is known for the growth and development of kids and is a kind of saturated fat. It also works for the nourishment of kids skin and acts as a natural moisturiser.

There are enough studies to prove that coconut oil for babies has shown strong positive results for boosting the immune system.

MCT Oil For Kids

Also known as Medium-chain triglyceride is a type of supplement which helps on weight loss and boosts energy. There are various benefits of MCT Oil as mentioned below.

  • It is easier to digest.
  • They act as a good source of energy.
  • They help in balancing hormones.
  • It acts as a base for strengthening immune health.

Best Coconut Oil For Baby

There are different brands offering coconut oil in the market.

  • Dabur almond-gold pure coconut oil
  • Khadi pure herbal ayurvedic coconut oil
  • Sri tattva organic virgin coconut oil
  • Parachute coconut oil
  • Patanjali coconut oil

These brands cater to the needs of babies and offer the best coconut oil for babies

Coconut Oil Benefits

There are different benefits of coconut oil which cannot be overlooked.

  • It moisturizes skin and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • It helps in boosting the immune system and better functioning of the brain.
  • It acts as an anti-bacterial agent.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • It helps in reducing seizures.
  • It helps in raising good HDL Cholesterol.

Coconut Oil For Babies Constipation

Coconut oil for babies is known to treat constipation and irregular bowel movements. Two or three drops of coconut oil can be added in food if your baby is more than 6 months in age. 

It is a safe food for infants and kids and enough studies have proved sometimes it helps in treating constipation in babies. It helps in soothing the babies belly and therefore treating the problem.

Coconut Oil For Toddlers Constipation

Eating healthy food changes the pattern and therefore gives immense relief. Children are mostly affected by constipation with a slight change in their diet patterns. Coconut oil contains enough MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) which helps in loosening stools and offer other health benefits.

Coconut Oil For Babies Eczema

As mentioned above it acts as an antioxidant and is a natural option for skin disease and inflammatory properties. This also hydrates the body and helps in reducing skin itchiness.

Coconut Oil For Babies Hair

It is an effective way of removing dandruff and usually rubbed in the scalp and kept for 2-3 hours to give relief to roots.

Coconut Oil For Babies To Eat

Usually, some drops are added to baby’s food to keep them healthy.

Coconut Oil For Brain In Child

It is broken down to ketones and is the active development fuel cells for the brain. It helps in making cognitive functions better.


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