Best Breastfeeding Positions-New Born To Toddlers

Best Breastfeeding Positions:breastfeeding-positions

Breastfeeding is something that is very natural and the most important part of baby care. Breastfeeding is always good and its something that can always be done by the mother. Breastfeeding visualizes that mother and child love which we see and it too sets up the emotional control between the mother and child. It is normal for mothers to think that breastfeeding is natural & easy. Though many times it may not be the case as the baby and the mother may have a hard time maintaining proper breastfeeding position. Hence, proper breastfeeding position should be maintained, for this purpose some best breastfeeding positions are given below:CRADLE HOLD METHOD

  1. Cradle Hold Position: This is that normal traditional position that you often see, it involves holding the baby in your arm and feeding her. This position is suitable for babies more than 3 months of age and very comfortable in public places.
  2. Cross Cradle Hold: This position is similar to the cradle hold position, the difference in this position is that it is suitable for small a new-born baby, as it is normal for a new-born baby to face difficulty in holding the latch, it involves supporting the baby’s head by your both hands. Use your one hand to get into the normal cradle position and then use your other hand to hold the baby’s head with your hand and provide support to it.



  3. Biological or Lie-Down Breastfeeding: This is the normal position which occurs after the birth time and first time breastfeeding the baby. In this, the mom lies comfortably and the baby lies on the body and gets in contact and starts feeding. This is the most natural position and is very comfortable for both the baby and mother.
  4. Football Hold Breastfeeding: This method is also known as the rugby position breastfeeding or clutch hold breastfeeding. This method of breastfeeding is very effective and comfortable with new-born babies, football hold method of breastfeeding lets your latch on deeply maintaining proper milk supply.
  1. Other Position: Other positions of breastfeeding include positions such as side-lying position, baby carrier method.

Breastfeeding Positions Side-Lying

Various breastfeeding positions have different uses and are suitable according to the environment. Side lying position is suitable where the mother gets tired or in those family or situation where people are co-sleeping.side-lying position

Side-lying lets the mom have more time to sleep. It is though tough to master. It involves the baby lying next to the mother facing towards the nipple and when the baby gets latched, the mother can get time to sleep as the baby feeds according to its need.

Take measures to prevent your baby from rolling away. This breastfeeding position is best for night-time nursing when you need to feed to your baby and rest too.

Breastfeeding Position To Reduce Gas:

While Breastfeeding your baby is trying to cope up with the gastric development that babies do. This gastric development in babies makes them gassy and usually disturbs them, for some babies it can be tough.

If your baby is facing gas issue some normal measures can be taken to relieve the baby and provide relief from the gas problem.

Babies take in loads of air while breastfeeding which causes gas in them so a proper breastfeeding position to reduce gas and trick must be followed such as burping your baby every 5-10 min.

Many a times excess of milk supply can cause a problem as babies drink too much of the thin milk which is less in the hindmilk content.  So precautions which mothers must take while breastfeeding is -:

  1. Taking breaks while breastfeeding your baby it will help in letting the milk pass on and help in digestion and prevent gassings in babies.
  2. Giving your baby a shoulder pat or letting him sit upright to let the digestion happen properly and help her burp.
  3. Using recline breastfeeding positions such as football hold position or the earlier mentioned side-lying position.
  4. You can give aniseed water in cases of the gas problem to provide better relief to the baby.

Breastfeeding Techniques For Newborns:

Breastfeeding Techniques Step By Step:

Breastfeeding is recommended within the first hour after birth. Breastfeeding is always good for the baby and helps in the development of the baby.

Breastfeeding techniques for new-born include various positions that can be used for feeding your new-born. Some few positions for breastfeeding your new-born is as follows:

1.Cradle Hold Method: This method as mentioned earlier is one of the most effective and widely used methods as the mother and the baby both feel comfortable in using this.

In this method you need to sit straight and you can also take support-> cradle your baby in your arms and her body should be in a straight line-> use your hand to support your breast-> slightly stroke your nipple in to the baby’s mouth->pull your baby close up as she opens her mouth to latch on the breast.

This breastfeeding position is more suitable for a new-born baby.

2. Cross- Cradle Method: In this method, all the procedure is same as the cradle method only the difference is that here with one hand you hold the baby the same way and with other you hold her head.

3. Football Hold MethodIn this method, you hold the baby as a football in which you hold her by your arm and bring her close to the body, hold her head by your hand. You should also tuck her legs under your arms.footballhold

The step by step procedure for football hold breastfeeding is -> the baby must be facing you and you must keep your back straight-> the baby’s posture must be in a straight line-> hold your baby under your arm between your arm and abdomen like you hold a football or a rugby ball. Football hold method of breastfeeding is beneficial in cases where the mother has large breasts.

If you are willing to check the position and latching by the baby if it is proper or not. If you have twins then this method is very effective as you can use double – clutch hold method to hold both babies. Mothers with vigorous milk ejection must prefer this breastfeeding position.

4. Other MethodsOther methods include positions such as side-lying position or lie-down breastfeeding.

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