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Best Baby Tracking App

Every mother tries to pamper the baby and brings that glowing smiles all around. With a butterfly kiss and hugs makes a bug baby sleep in a rug. In this era of technological advancements, there are ample of Android apps that keep a close track of your baby. Baby Tracking Apps for Android is designed in a way that provides you with resources for future reference. Here are some best baby tracking apps in 2018 that can keep track of your baby’s development, milestones, breastfeed intake, sleep record, memories, nappy change record and many more.

UNICEF in a report mentioned that almost 90% of the human brain is developed in the age group of 0-9 years of age and very few attain the maximum potential. Here are best newborn apps 2018:

1. Baby + – Your Baby Tracker (Best Baby Tracking App 2018)

It is like a package for complete baby tracker app in Android. It gives ease in tracking baby’s growth and saving those lovely memories forever.

It contains personal diary, reminders, photos and other customized services. The application is designed in a way to give to personal touch where there is a customized homepage and lists out different activities to get engaged with your child.

It has a different set of guidelines for breastfeeding and other instructions. It can be considered as one of the Best Baby Tracking App 2018.

  • Weight and height tracker.
  • Solid feeds and sleep pattern for baby.
  • Vaccine logs and doctors’ visits.

You can download the app from here

2. Baby Daybook- Baby Care & Activity Tracker (Best Newborn App)

It is also one of the tailored service apps for baby care and nourishment. One of the Best Baby Apps (Android), most liked and best newborn apps. It is like a real-time helper for baby’s growth and development.

  • If you need answers to all the questions asked by a doctor after the birth of a baby.
  • You can make a clear schedule of breastfeeding, eating, and diaper changes.

You can download the app from here

3. Baby Development (Baby Development App Android)

It is one of the best Baby Development App Android free apps of 2018 for the health and fitness of your child. This will automatically update you for all the milestones in the development of your baby. Your baby will eventually develop into a happy toddler.

  • Keeps close supervision up to 12 months of your baby development and care.
  • Keeps a record when the baby started identifying your parents and giving you a blush smiles all the time.

Parental Care is one of the most cherished time. These apps will help in saving some of the most wonderful memories. It is like true selfless and unconditional love.

You can download the app from here

4. Baby Tracker-Feeding, Sleep, And Diaper(Baby Tracker App Android):

It is one of the high rated apps which is convenient and handy. It is specially designed for newborn parent-friendly to keep close monitoring from feeding to poops.

Data is collected over the period of time and depicted through charts the average amount of feeding per day. Intake measurement through left breast, right breast or milk intake through the bottle.

Sleep Pattern can be easily traceable. Other features include Track feedings, naps or poo. Analytics is used to analyze the past 7 days data and output is shown in the form of charts. It can be considered as one of the best baby apps in Android.

You can download the app from here

 5. PARENTLANE (Best Baby App Android):

(Parenting tips, baby care, baby health, and baby tips)

Parentlane is one of the top-rated application in terms of baby care and development. It is a kind of platform to get the holistic development of a child in the early years.

Some of the promising features offered by this application:

  • It has 1000+ activities for the development of a child and food recipes.
  • Since when it comes to baby care each family member wants to contribute and therefore it has a provision of adding a spouse and other family members.
  • To make the app more interactive and lively they offer a feature of interacting with experts and tips are offered for easy parenting/parenting tips.

You can download the app from here

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