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BEDTIME ROUTINEBedtime routine

Bedtime routine before sleep is always considered as the best medication and hence it needs to be monitored be it an infant or an adult. The idea is to get disconnected from the world and enjoy your own company.

There is a famous quote by Arianna Huffington – “The way to a more productive, more inspired and more joyful life is getting enough sleep”.

BEDTIME ROUTINE – Pre Sleep Routine

After a hectic day, you tend to get deep sleep and that’s how it can make you happy. All the successful leaders have given so much importance to the pre-sleep routine.

A Pre-bedtime routine is one of the best ways to get a better schedule and put a body to sleep. It is better to be late than never.

Here are some of the tips for setting a bedtime routine.

  • Get yourself acquainted with the activity you feel happy. It can be reading a book or taking a hot bubble bath which soothes your body and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Thirty Minutes before bed should be given to yourself. Doing the same activity daily can make the body get into sleeping mode very easily and that’s how it can turn up to a pre-sleep routine.
  • The day should end with a positive note. This may be focused like listening to good music or talking to someone who you are grateful to.
  • Get disconnected from work a few hours before you go to sleep.

Bed Time Routine for Infants

Babies will get everyone into trouble if not tackled properly. Here are some of the ways which can be followed:

  • The baby body should be cleaned properly and the diaper should be changed.
  • Babies can even be given gentle massage which is so much soothing for babies.
  • They need to be fed properly before they are off to sleep else they will panic in the night.
  • Sing a lullaby will also work well and acts as a perfect thing to make a baby off to sleep easily.

Bedtime Routine Toddler

A toddler is into that stage of life where they need to be nurtured well because it turns out to a habit for them lifelong.

They should be told the importance of brushing teeth before going to sleep, getting clothes changed and get into pajamas and loose stuff.

Talk politely and discuss good things with the toddler and eventually, the toddler will sleep with a positive note and hence it also helps in getting connected with the child.

Bedtime Routine for Teenagers
  • Limit screens before going to bed it affects the mind.
  • Caffeine should be taken to a limited quantity (Adverse effect on sleep).
  • The bedroom should be neat and cozy.
  • Don’t take too long sleep naps and that can impact your sleep patterns.
Bedtime Routines for Adults

Good sleep is the solution to many problems and hence some easy steps can be taken which may include – Be carefree and don’t overstress.

A good environment is necessary for good sleep. The sleep pattern should be monitored and small naps and put a great impact.

Hence every sleep pattern should be considered. Good sleep and good food make you happy.

For this, it is essential you develop a good bedtime routine and that should be consistent all the time.

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