Bedtime Routine For Babies | From Newborn To 6 Months

Bedtime Routine For BabiesBedtime Routine For Babies

Sleeping is what newborn do most of the time in their starting months of age. Babies tend to sleep for about 15-17 hours a day. But a proper bedtime routine for babies is very important as the babies tend to be relaxed and get adapted to that routine.

This avoids them from being cranky. Bedtime routine for infants must include changing the babies diaries and cleaning her.

This helps the baby in being free form irritation and help her sleep calmly. You can try using a rocking chair or have some soothing tones in your room which help the baby in getting to sleep.

Your routine can also include spending some quality time with your baby. It helps in getting the baby to cheer up which also helps her in sleeping.

Bedtime Routine For Babies 6 Week Old:

Bedtime routine for 6-week olds is an important plan that you should make. Bedtime routine does not only include getting your baby to sleep but also their feeding routine and waking up routine.

This is the age when they will start adapting to the routine you put them in to. Some tips for bedtime routine for 6 weeks old are as follows:

  1. You can set a  waking up time in the morning to feed them at this time. Babies need to feed in the night and Morning as they can’t sleep throughout the night.
  2.  Maintain consistency regarding the routine Feeding time as it is a very necessary component in setting up a proper bedtime routine. This helps the baby’s body to adapt to the time you feed her.
  3.  Many a time your newborn baby might wake up in the night, you would need to comfort the baby and depending on the situation you might need to feed the baby.
  4. Make your baby be in a comforting position and you can wrap the baby with a soft cloth to keep her comfortable. But, remember to keep it a little loose.

 Bedtime Routine For Babies 2 Months Old:

Babies tend to sleep a lot. In the beginning, all they are set to do is eat and sleep. A 2 months old baby needs approximately 12-24 ounces of breast milk. They also tend to sleep for around 15-17 hours a day. The bedtime routine for 2 months old is as follows-:

  1. A 2 months old baby needs a proper sleep at night along with naps in the day and evening.
  2. Quality time of activities such as exercising the baby, playing, cuddling and other activities.
  3. Feeding your baby early in the morning say 5 a.m in the morning.
  4. Waking up after 4 to 5 hours and then again feeding.
  5. Later in the afternoon, you should spend some quality time with your baby. 
  6. Then again you feed your baby and then the baby falls asleep.
  7. In the evening you have to again interact with the baby.
  8. Then you again feed the baby and put him/her to sleep.
  9. Your baby will also be needing one more feeding in the night also.

Bedtime Routine For Babies 3 Months Old:

As your baby gets older and becomes 3 months old you tend to see an increase in the night stretch of sleep. They will start adapting to a more proper sleep at night.

They start to be more adaptive to the bedtime routine that you have been trying them to set to. You might also notice that many times your baby will sleep throughout the night which is something newborns don’t do often.

Some other tips for bedtime routine for 3 months old are given below:

  1.  Your baby would need approx. 3-4 naps a day.
  2.  Babies also tend to get more active as they are 3 months old but also need proper sleep which is very crucial for their development.
  3.  You should make your baby get proper sleep at night, in fact, there should be a proper time when they go to sleep.
Bedtime Routine For Babies 4 Months Old:

As your baby becomes 4 months old, he/she will start sleeping more at night without the necessity of feeding them at night. They tend to get more and more adapted to the sleeping timetable that you have made. Some tips for bedtime routine for 4 months old are as follows:

  1.  By this time your baby might need a crib, which is something essential in giving them proper sleep.
  2.  Babies get adaptive to the routine and the feeding routine thus must not be changed but get adapted to their sleeping pattern. Such as, they might not need feeding in the night.
  3.  You should make your baby able to sleep on its own if they wake up in the night. You can take some clever steps such as giving them something which calms them down and put them to sleep.
  4.  You should keep your baby well fed during the day, due to the fact that your baby’s sleep might get interrupted in the need due to hunger.
Bedtime Routine For Babies 6 Months Old:

As your baby gets 6 months old they tend to sleep throughout the night. There no. of naps in the daytime also decreases.

They don’t need feeding in the night now. Though this still might not be the case with many babies. Some tips for bedtime routine for 6 months old are given below:

  1.  Your baby would still wake up in the night, but this is not due hunger or anything else. It’s just what happens with us too. You just need them to calm down and relax so that they go to sleep again.
  2.  This is the time when you should try tricks to make your baby learn how to calm himself at night and fall asleep again.
  3.  Babies at this age start to crawl and move. They get excited in doing so but this should be avoided during their bedtime as it might hinder with their bedtime routine.
  4.  Also, you should also be ready for the teething pain that’s going to come and distort your baby’s sleep. As your baby would now start developing teeth.
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