Bed Time Stories For Kids: Famous, Classic, Funny & Moral

Bed Time Stories

A Well Known quote says…

”Read Me A Story, Tuck Me In Tight, Say A Prayer And Wish Me Goodnight.”

Every child has some of the faded memories about bedtime stories still in the heart which their grandmother or mother has been telling them since ages.

This tradition has never died and is sure to be continued for the coming generations.

Bed Time Stories

Bed Time stories evoke a feeling of childhood and immense happiness. You got to land up in a new world fascinated by new characters and imagination.

Your Child becomes active and starts taking interest which makes them more interactive. At the same time, it helps in developing the habit of reading.

It not only cultivates the habit of gaining knowledge but at the same time helps in the growth and development of the child.

Neuroscientists have believed that Bed Time stories activates the child and helps in making them more alert and active.

Bed Time Stories for BoysFunny Bedtime Stories For boys

A child is nurtured in a way to give them an ample amount of love and care. At the same time, parents are always developing a sense of belongings and shared values.

Bed Time Stories are an effective way of serving the purpose. “The lost boy” is one such bedtime story which is most liked by male kids.

There are other sets of bedtime stories which are more liked and appreciated.

  • The Ant and the Grasshopper
  • The boy who cried, Wolf
  • The hungry mouse
  • Aladdin and the magic lamp
  • Goodnight Moon

Bed Time Stories for GirlsFunny Bedtime Stories For girls

As girls are also fascinated by imaginative stories and the characters of Barbie and Cinderella. Bed Time Story holds a great impact on their lives.

You might have wondered how they became so active and creative. There is a well-known theory which proves the child gets engaged and the brain tends to act smart.

Some of the famous bedtime stories for girls are mentioned.

  • Cinderella
  • Beauty and the beast
  • The Girl who tried to fly
  • The Lonely Princess

Classic Bedtime Stories for KidsFunny Bedtime Stories For kids

It is said it is more than just reciting a story. It inculcates a feeling of comprehension and logic.

The bond tends to become stronger and at the same time, the child feels delighted. Some of the famous classic bedtime stories for kids are mentioned.

  • The treasure castle
  • The sleeping beauty in the wood
  • The shadow
  • The real princess
  • The six swans
  • The Red Shoes

Famous Bedtime Stories

There is a collection of handpicked bedtime stories for kind where your child can feel relaxed and connected.

Parents want their child to be more accepting and open. Snow White is one of the most famous fairytales which beautifully elicits the whole story and the characters revolving around it.

This is a holistic list of all the famous bedtime stories.

Funny Bedtime Stories for Kids

Children love Stories! Isn’t it? There have been enough evidence to prove the same. It is like the cherry on the cake when the story stands humorous and at the same time helps in developing the feeling of values.

Here is a list of exhausted list of funny bedtime stories for kids.

  • Foolish Lion and the clever rabbit
  • The musical donkey
  • The Brahmin’s Donkey
  • The Mice that ate Iron
  • The kettle who gave birth
The story for kids with Moral

Kids are excited about new stories and imaginative characters.


This link provides a list of stories with Moral.

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