Is Banana Good For Health? Banana Benefits & Side Effects

Benefits of Bananabenefits of Banana

You might be wondering are bananas good for health? What are the benefits of banana?

ow much protein does banana have?

Does banana cause acidity?

Can we have milk and banana?

Can we eat banana empty stomach?

What is the right time to eat a banana?

You will have answer to all these questions.

There is a different variety of banana named as a reddish banana. It has almost 90 calories.

Nutritional value of banana shake is very high.

There are impressive results of eating bananas:

  • It contains important nutritional value important for the body. Red banana health benefits are incredible. Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium are all among important nutrients for the body. It is exclusively of water and carbs. (nutrients in a banana shake)
  • Benefits of red banana also include nutrients that regulate the blood sugar levels. Banana diet results have benefit for the sugar patients.
  • health benefits of red banana also include the better digestion. It has about 3 grams of fiber mainly pectin and resistant starch.
  • Banana and milk benefit provide health of the heart as it contains enough amount of potassium. One medium sized banana contains almost 9% of RDI ( Recommended Dietary Intake).
  • As already mentioned that red banana nutrition value is high and is also helpful for antioxidants reducing illness and severe diseases. (Banana for acidity)
  • banana benefits for skin are helpful for pimples and acne.
  • banana milk diet is helpful for fighting anemia.


Banana Facts

  • best time to eat a banana in a day is in the morning but a not empty stomach.
  • bananas benefits for hair are impressive. They help in the shine and prevention of dandruff. They are rich in potassium and minerals oils which help in soften the hair.
  • eating a banana at night gain weight is just a myth. There are no proven studies for this and it all depends on how much you intake calories and how much you burn.
  • woman eating banana have shown better health and have other benefits as well (skin and hair)
  • While talking about red banana vs yellow banana however red banana is different in taste from yellow banana and have more nutrients value.
  • banana benefits for men are also worth note. They help in mood enhancer and kidney and bone.
  • Nendram Pazham benefits the asthma and strengthen bones.


Nutritional Facts of Banana

  • banana chips benefits are Comparatively good but contain high amount of sugar.benefits of banana
  • ripe banana chips are adding to sugar level and the taste buds. (benefits of banana chips)
  • banana shake nutrition are high with nutrients of milk as well as banana (banana milkshake benefits)
  • Elaichi banana nutrition contains potassium and magnesium. The benefit of banana shake is worth note.
  • robust banana is also a different variety of Banana containing rich fiber and nutrients.
  • banana milkshake calories are around 160-180.
  • yellow banana chips contain around 120 calories.
  • Elaichi banana benefits the kidneys and bones.


Side Effects of Banana

  • eating banana in the morning empty stomach is not recommended as it might cause bowel problems.
  • red banana side effects also includes headaches and sleepiness if eaten in more quantity.
  • disadvantages of banana also includes hypersensitivity in patients allergic to latex.
  • acid present in banana sometimes cause respiratory problems.
  • banana stem juice side effects also includes type 2 diabetes and acidity.
  • eggs and banana poison is a serious warning.


Banana Benefits for Weight Loss

If you are considering banana vs apple, both have their own pros and cons and both are desirable for the body.benefits of banana

However no proven studies show weight gain with bananas.

Is raw banana good for diabetics? Undoubtedly yes as it contains low sugar.

It is said that banana has rich fiber and hence regulation of weight. However you cannot be dependent on banana for weight loss.

Banana Benefits for Women

You might be wondering is banana shake good for health? Women are benefitted as it helps in promoting bones and optimal magnaesium.

Many people have this question in mind “when should we eat banana” As mentioned breakfast is the best time to eat banana.

  • advantages of banana shake for women are healthy bones and skin.(benefits of banana milkshake)
  • milk and banana benefit the skin and hair and fulfill the important nutrients required for a women’s body.
  • red banana (Sevalai banana) benefits the skin of women as it contains magnesium.
  • medicinal benefits of red banana includes the Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and a high source of potassium and magnesium.
  • Benefits of banana and milk is called powerhouse of nutrients. It is good for heart and digestion.
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