Back Pain During Pregnancy | Second & Third Trimester

Back Pain During PregnancyBack pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is basically occurred due to the expansion of the uterus. Expanding uterus shifts the center of gravity and also stretches out and weakens the abdominal muscles.

Nerve pain can also be caused if any nerve gets pressed. And extra weight carried by body gives some level of discomfort which makes the body go through some pain.

Back pain during pregnancy is common because excessive weight in front of the body pulls the body and changes the right posture of the body, hence leading to back pain.

Hormonal changes in pregnancy loosen the joints and relax the ligaments which are attached to the pelvic bones to your spine. So less stability in body parts leads to pain, similarly to back pain.

Back pains during early pregnanc

Back pain during early pregnancy is actually the real pain. The posture of sitting and torso are not in alignment and with the weight which is in the front of the torso, it pulls on your back.

The feeling is somewhat like wearing a bag on your front instead of your back. This changes the whole posture and puts a strain on the back. In simple words, the center of your gravity shifts.

During pregnancy enough, sleep and rest are required. If you are lacking night’s sleep then it also affects back pain. Your wrong position while sleeping also contributes to back pain during early pregnancy.

The weight of the womb in front could be pulling on your back muscles and giving you the aching back. Hormonal changes and body changes too have some effects on backache.

Your body is getting ready for giving birth to a child and because of this some changes happen in the body and at the end leaves the body in pain. All the changes together can cause back pain as an early pregnancy symptom.

Back Pain In Pregnancy Second Trimester

When a mother to enter her second trimester of pregnancy, she becomes used to be with the pregnancy feels. The morning sickness and fatigue which plagued her during the last three months start fading away and leaving her with more energy and make her feel like old self again.

The second trimester is observed to be the easiest three months of pregnancy for many women. Because women start feeling a little better and energetic as she becomes habitual to some of the changes. Also, women start planning the arrival of the baby.

After three months of pregnancy, it can be seen easily that the woman or mother to be has gained extra weight. The extra weight puts pressure on back leaving it achy and sore.

Back pain in pregnancy second trimester is one of the major changes felt in the body of mother to be. The body already gained weight and now in the process of gaining weight experience backache because of the weight increasing in the front and leaving the back in an abrupt position.

As with time the uterus starts expanding, it shifts the center of gravity and stretches out the abdominal muscles that affect the body posture and put a strain on the back.

A backache starts usually in the second trimester and it gets worse as the pregnancy processes.

Back Pain During Pregnancy Third Trimester  

Back pain during pregnancy third trimester occurs because as your body is almost ready to give birth to child or almost at the edge of getting ready to giving birth to a child, hormonal level increases and connective tissue loosens.

This enhances the flexibility of the pelvis so that the baby can pass through the birth canal more easily. Women frequently experience hip pain as the connective tissues loosen and stretch.

A backache can occur along with hip pain as changes in posture of sleeping may cause you to learn more towards one side or other.

Back Pain During Pregnancy: When To Call Doctor?

If you feel sharp back pain during pregnancy and this pain becomes severe or you feel like pressure radiating towards your thighs, then you should contact your doctor because these could be the signs of preterm labor.

If you are having backache along with stomachache then contacting doctor is advisable.

Upper Back Pain during Pregnancy 

Not only lower back pain but also upper back pain during pregnancy is also experienced. Upper back pain during pregnancy can occur at any stage of pregnancy but most commonly in the third trimester.

The growing size of the baby and the uterus shifts the center of gravity forward and places the pressure on muscles in the back. A woman gains 25-30% of weight during the short span of time, which increases stress on muscles in the back.

Enlargement of breast tissue alters the posture and increase strain on the neck, thoracic spine, and shoulders. There are a few steps that you can take to minimize and eradicate the upper back pain.

  • Don’t lock your knees and maintain a neutral standing posture. Stand up straight and keep your back, shoulders high and relaxed.
  • Don’t put stress on one foot only, keep a balance between feet.
  • Try to maintain a neutral sitting posture or use a chair having good lumbar support. 
  • By keeping your lower back supported, muscles of upper back get relaxed.

Back Pain During Pregnancy: How Do You Get Rid Of?

Following mentioned points help you to get rid of back pain during pregnancy-

  • The foremost thing to keep in mind is POSTURE. Keep a good posture because it will help you relieve some of the pressure on the spine.
  • Use cold packs to apply to the areas of pain for the first two or three days and then apply heat in rest of the days.
  • Take adequate back support.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your back, take a pillow and keep it between your legs and sleep on your side.
  • Wear pregnancy support garments like a sports bra.
  • A massage can help you relax and ease the body.
  • Stretching exercises and yoga are good to keep the body in the right posture.
  • Physical therapies are advised by the doctor when home remedies do not work.
  • Take adequate rest.
  • Meditation is one of the relaxation techniques.
  • Medicine such as Tylenol can relieve your pain. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

All the above-mentioned techniques will definitely help you in pregnancy back pain relief.

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