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Baby Sleep Trainingbaby sleep training

Baby sleep training, as the term itself, says is the process of training a baby to fall asleep, and stay asleep throughout the night.

Some babies do not create a problem in sleeping but others do. So training babies to fall asleep is known as baby sleep training.

Cry It Out Sleep Training     

One of the approaches of baby sleep training is cried it out sleep training in which mothers let the baby cry for a while before offering comfort so that they sleep quickly.

  • Let the baby lying in the crib when he\she is sleepy but awake.
  • Make your baby feel the sleepiness by saying goodnight and leave the room or baby for a while. Let the baby cry seeing you leaving the room for a small period of time.
  • Go back to the room and pat your baby for a while to reassure your presence. Don’t pick the baby up, just let him cry when he’s sleepy. Leave the room again.
  • Stay out of the room for a little while and then follow the same routine again. Because staying out of the room for a longer interval of time will make the baby come out of the comfort zone.
  • Go back and pat your baby for one or two minutes and then leave the room with lights off. Following this routine will make your baby sleep.

Baby Sleep Training Methods 

There are a few baby sleep training methods-

Fading Sleep Training Method

It does not include crying or weeping, it is just fade out training where the baby is left calmly and peacefully to sleep by feeding.

Sleeping hours gradually lower down but this technique is for those parents who want to avoid the crying part to make the baby sleep.

Pick Up And Put Down Training

When it’s time to sleep and your baby is making a fuss or crying basically he is not in his comfort zone then pick the baby up and comfort him until he is calm and drowsy.

Put the baby back in bed or in his crib to let him sleep peacefully. This requires a lot of patience and care at the same time.

Chair Sleep Training Method

It starts with keeping the chair beside the crib. This is to ensure the baby that he is not left alone and you are with him.

In this baby sleep training, you are not required to do anything but to sit on the chair. Gradually you have to move and keep the chair away from the bed and soon out of the room.

That’s when the baby will not require any sleep training and will sleep on his own.

Cry It Out Baby Sleep Training

The only difference between Ferber sleep training and cry it out is that in this method mothers don’t go inside the room to pat the baby’s back to make him sleep or comfort him.

In this, mothers just leave the baby to cry and after crying for some time the baby will sleep on his own. Don’t enter the room even if your baby is crying.

Ferber Method

Ferber method which is also known as crybaby sleep training where the baby is left to cry and after a short interval of time mothers pat the baby and leave him again to sleep even if the baby is crying,

Ferber says that mothers can teach their baby to soothe themselves to sleep when they are physically and emotionally ready which is usually between the age of 3 to 5 months.

He suggests that baby should be given a warm, loving bedtime routine and then when it comes to sleep, the baby should be left in bed awake for a gradually longer period of time or longer intervals (even the baby cries).

Leaving the baby in bed awake will help him to sleep on his own.  What parents have to do is to pat their back in the middle of those long intervals.

This Ferber method basically focuses on the time which for which the baby is left alone and awake in bed so that he sleeps on his own.

Sleep Training 3 Month Old 

Talking about babies who are 3 months to 5 months old, mostly they sleep 15-16 hours in total.

Sleep training 3-month-old is not a much difficult task to perform because babies at the age of 3 months spend most of their time sleeping.

When they grow and become 4 or 5 months old that’s when they need sleep training to sleep throughout the night.

Sleep Training 6 Month Old 

By the age of 6 months, babies start developing their sleep/wake pattern from what they have learned since the age of 4 months.

4-5 months old child needs sleep training which later on the habit becomes.

Every baby has a unique developmental schedule whether it is related to sleep pattern or eating pattern.

Training at the 6 months of age is not much required but if you want to increase the sleeping hours of the baby then you should adopt some sleep training 6-month-old techniques.

Sleep Training 9 Month Old 

Sleep training 9-month-old is not much required. It is required if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night or the baby sleeps for less number of hours, then adopting an appropriate sleep training technique would be helpful.

But babies of 9 months old do not need sleep training because by the age of 9 months they have already been trained to sleep on their own.

It depends what baby sleep training is more suitable for your baby, age does not matter because every baby is different from other. Choosing the right method in which your baby sleeps earlier should be applied and followed.


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    October 13, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    There is even more! I used what’s called Hold With Love method. It’s by Susan Urban and it was recommended for a very gentle sleep training. And it really is gentle I must say. I cannot imagine using Ferbers or anything else.

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