Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Game Ideasbaby shower game idea

Following are some of the baby shower game ideas:

  • Don’t Utter Baby

It’s an amazing game for a baby shower where the guests will be given a candy and they will be asked to not say BABY  during the shower.

Meanwhile, if anybody notices or hears someone saying the forbidden word then the person who uttered it will be asked to give his candy. In the end, a person with the maximum candies will be given a gift.

  • Baby Shower Game For Husbands

Husbands will be given a diaper bag in which a lot of items of the baby will be kept and then husbands will be asked to write the names of the articles in a paper.

A husband who will write all the names correctly and within the least time duration will be the winner. It’s a kind of modern baby shower game.

  •  Let’s Match-Up

It’s a game basically for mom to be and dad to be. Two chairs will be given to them and they will be placed in the opposite direction. They both have to answer by indicating their footwear.

Both will have one sandal and one shoe. If the question comes up ‘who is more likely to forgive first?’ then both of them will answer by raising the footwear, suppose ‘mom to be’ raised sandal and husband too raised sandal then it’s a bingo.

It’s how the same answers will get one bingo and at the end, both will get to know about each other a little more. This will show their chemistry as well as if they’ll be asked questions related a baby then it will get suited with the theme.

  • Let’s Sketch

Drawing a sketch can be a good baby shower game idea. All the guests will be given a paper and they have to draw the baby’s face with their imagination. It will be very funny because not everyone is a good artist. So it will add more fun to the party.

  • Taste It Or Make It

It’s kind of teaching and testing game. It is a baby shower games for men. All the husbands will be given some baby food and they will be blindfolded and then they have to answer which food is it, it will tell their wives about how knowledgeable their husbands are.

  • Bake A Cake Or Cake A Bake?

 Husbands will be asked to prepare a cake by just doing icing on it and they have to prepare a cake by adding layers of different colors like a rainbow.   Double-decker cakes by different husbands will be compared and then the one will win a gift. Let’s see who ruins the cake first (haha).

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