Baby Running Nose And Sneezing: Home Remedies

Baby Running NoseBaby Running Nose

This phenomenon doesn’t need any kind of introduction. A runny nose in babies is such a common thing that no baby has escaped from. Baby running nose is basically when your baby faces cold or has congestion which is quite common.

As delicate creatures, babies are bound to catch a cold very frequently. Babies often face cold and usually face it within a month or two.

Newborn running nose is often seen and babies have their nose running and the mucus sticking out of their nose. Sneezing and coughing are coupled with it which are very common too as the weather changes.

Cold virus or allergies are one of the most common reasons for baby running nose.

Baby Running Nose And Sneezing

Sneezing and runny nose are basically complementary to each other make the baby disturbed. This is something that every baby goes through and faces once in a while.

Sneezing in babies feels like forever, though it might develop due to a bacterial or viral infection too. Baby running nose and sneezing is a usual problem, sneezing is basically a reflex of the cold that the baby is facing.

Though, this is not a matter of concern generally in babies. Some prospective causes for running nose, sneezing and cold can be an allergy, cold virus or due to inhaling of smoke or any other pollutant in the air.

Newborn running nose and sneezing is very prone to happen as the immune system of the new-borns are not developed.

Baby’s First Cold:

As said babies are delicate creatures new-borns usually face their first cold soon and parents must be prepared for it. Baby’s first cold is very normal and usually, these cold Helps in strengthening the baby’s immunity.

Just when you see your child adapting with the normal course of life cold and running nose start to disturb her. So she needs you by her side ready to get rid of this mess. So for such cases, some tips are given below-:

  1. Taking Precaution-: Precaution is better than cure. So precautions must be taken by parents in the first place itself such as cleaning hands, maintaining hygiene, cleaning bottles of the child and keeping baby in a controlled environment.
  2. Keeping The Baby Hydrated-: Maintaining the optimum amount of water in the baby’s diet is very necessary. Dehydration in babies adds to the formation of mucus and its congestion. Water is one of the most important needs of the baby.
  3. Letting The Child Breathe Easy-: In times of cold and running nose, the baby often faces congestion. This blocks the supply of air barring the child from breathing properly. As a remedy saline drops can be used which are found to be very effective and use of rubber bulb to clear the mucus from the nose. Hence, letting baby breathe properly.
  4. Getting All The Supplies Needed-: Parents must be stocked up with all the needed items as the baby is bound to get cold sooner or later. So you must be stocked with items like saline drops, baby vapor rub, rubber bulb, medicines, humidifier etc.
  5. Sleeping Position-: The best position for your baby to ensure her good sleep as well as prevent from other problems. Is when she sleeps on her back and the head is slightly uplifted which lets the mucus stay down and ensure proper air supply

Baby Running Nose Can’t Sleep:

The cold and runny nose can become such an irritation which doesn’t let you sleep properly. So we can imagine how disturbed the baby gets when she feels the same so sleeping is bound to be disturbed.

Baby’s running nose can’t sleep is a very common problem that disturbs the child’s sleep as well also disturbs parents. Babies running nose causes improper air supply and creates a problem in breathing.

Hence, the baby is disturbed and crying. So some measures that can be taken by the parents are as follows. Parents can use saline solution nasal cleanser which cleans out the mucus stuck in the nose blocking air supply.

Saline solution is also known as physiological serum. It is ideal and safe to use. Keeping wipes near to clean off the mucus coming out of the nose and maintaining the proper air supply.

Using steam to thin the mucus inside, relieving the child from the problem of congestion. Using baby vapor rub can be very effective as it helps in relieving the child from cold and provides instant relief.

Newborn Baby Cold Home Remedies:

Parents often are not much worried about the cold and flu as it normal and bound to occur. But, when the child faces difficulty in breathing and cries out. Parents just want to see their child in relieve so some new-born baby cold home remedies are-:

  1. Increase the amount of fluid intake, it is one of the most effective ways of relieving the congestion of mucus in the baby. Keeping the baby hydrated lets the mucus flow out easily providing a solution to cold and baby running nose.
  2. Serve chicken soup to your baby, if possible, will help in providing a solution to the cold and running nose. It is found to be a very effective baby running nose home remedy in treating cold and used since ages in China.
  3. Keeping the sleeping position proper with the child sleeping on her back and the head slightly uplifted. Avoid the idea of keeping something directly under the baby for elevating the sleeping the position.
  4. Honey is always seen as a natural solution to the majority of diseases and it works as a charm too. Giving a spoon of honey to the baby will help her recover fast from cold, lemon can also be added to it.
  5. Using equipment such as a bulb syringe for cleaning up the blocked nasal ways or using saline solution to clear the nose.
  6. Giving steam to the baby will affect very well and relieve the baby soon and it is recommended to let the baby have more rest which will add to the fast recovery of the baby.

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