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Baby Rashbaby rash

Babies are delicate creatures; their skin is also very sensitive. Baby rash or baby spots are a common problem faced by the young ones due to adapting to different environments.

Though, in many Cases, it is seen that normally the rashes go away on its own.

Pimples, redness on the skin, on the nose, the forehead of the baby are common and usually occur within the first few months of birth.

Many times the skin of the baby becomes redder, dries up and small cracks can be seen.

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Baby Heat Rash:

Baby heat Rash or commonly known as prickly heat Rash or Miliaria is a skin Rash that is common among infants.

The signs of baby heat Rash may be seen in the first few months of birth and are pretty common among babies.

Generally, in hot weather, the pores of the skin get clogged due to which sweat is trapped and babies are stuck with heat rash.

Small bumps, tingliness, itchiness can be seen on the skin of the baby. Thick layers of clothes, tight and thick fabrics synthetic fabrics can contribute to the possibilities of baby heat Rash.

Baby Rash Behind Ears:

Rashes are common and they disturb the parents too. Though they are easily treatable but, they make worry because when they are coupled with other symptoms it can be something else.

Baby Rash behind the ears can be due to many kinds of rashes example measles, seborrheic dermatitis, rubella. The flat red spots found behind the ears are basically measles.

The spread down to the whole of the body starting from the ear. Will it be confusing with myself is a respiratory infection the flat red spots are symptoms coupled with fever, runny nose, cough etc.

Measles is a precautionary disease rather than a curable disease. You must get your infant vaccinated for measles. Inflammation often found on the scalp or behind ears of the baby is related to seborrheic dermatitis.

Popularly known as cradle cap is it common infection or Rash. It occurs due to the presence of alcohol baby products due to improper or infrequent cleaning.

No, it’s not a matter of worry is a medicated soap can help in treating it.

Toddler Rash Around Mouth:

Toddler Rash around the mouth is a common problem with prospective treatment. Normally baby Rash is not a typical matter of worry as it heals on its own.

Along with Rash around the mouth parents should look for signs of fever, vomiting, problems in digestion. If all these signs persist then you must definitely contact the doctor.

There are many reasons and types of Rash around the mouth in toddlers such as:

  • Drool Rash-: This type of Rash occurs when irritation, redness couple with itching can be seen on the face due to excessive drool. Rash occurs due to excessive moisture and commonly while the time of teething. Though it’s not a matter of serious worry as antibacterial lotions can be used to decrease the effect and also coupled with cleaning the face.
  • Oral Thrush-: this is common and generally a kind of yeast infection. The growth of yeast candida albicans causes this Rash. Cracks in the mouth area, as well as white patches all over the region, can be seen which indicate oral thrush. Some antibacterial lotions prescribed by the doctor can be used by Doctors consent.
  • Other Reasons-: other reasons for Rash around toddlers mouth can be impetigo, cold sores, chicken pox, strep throat, hand foot, and mouth disease.

Baby Rash On Face Treatment:

Babies are dedicating creatures their skin is very soft lacks epidermal layer making it more prone to infections and Rash.

There are many reasons for baby Rash such as Milia Eczema, dribble, rash. Some simple and easy baby rashes on face treatment are as followings:

  • Many times soaps can be harmful as well as contributing to the Rash so cleaning the face with water is only prescribed.
  • To ease the discomfort and achievements of the baby, you can cool the area with ice cubes which provides instant relief.
  • Try as far as possible to stop your baby from scratching the Rash. We all know it will just complicate it, you can trim your baby’s nails as a precaution.
  • For wiping the Rash area never prefers cloth towels as they will scratch the Rash. You can use paper towels which are soft or just let it dry.
  • Ointments and creams with hydrocortisone in it recommendable as the work effectively in Rash.
  • If the Rash seems to be severe with signs such as red, oozing flaky and seems to be growing then you must definitely consult with a pediatric dermatologist.
  • The simplest rule is to maintain hygiene. Hygiene is very important as Rash in the first place begins due to unhygienic and growth of bacteria, try to avoid contact with pets.

Baby Rashes On Face Home Remedy:

Rashes on the face are irritable to adults and babies at prone to be very irritated. Some baby rashes on face home remedies are given as below:

  • The most simple and first thought idea for providing relief to rash is applying ice on the affected region.
  • Grounded coriander has been seen to provide relief and treat rashes, you can apply it on your baby’s skin.
  • Cucumber is known for its cool properties and is also helpful to the skin. It can be applied to your baby’s Rash region to provide relief.
  • Tea tree oil can also be applied to the red region as it has anti-inflammatory properties which will help relieve and treat the rash.
  • One of the most effective and commonly used remedies is applying aloe vera to the Rash. it has really effective relief properties
  • Honey can also be applied to provide relief to the baby. Honey should be applied to the baby before the baby’s bath.

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