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Baby PercentileBaby Percentile

Baby percentile is basically the measurement of your baby’s growth in terms of height and weight. Baby percentile is a common comparison of your baby’s growth with National statistics of babies.

It tells that in comparison to the general growth of babies where does your baby stand. For example, your baby percentile is 50th in a group of 100 babies then he/she is bigger than fifty percent of the babies and smaller in height than the other half.

It’s a General comparison made by the doctors to overview your child overall growth. A baby percentile gives them a ground for analyzing your baby’s growth.

Baby percentile also gives parents basis to see their child’s growth.


Baby Height Predictor:

A reasonable prediction of your baby’s height can be made through baby height predictor. Though there is no proven way to predict a child’s height.

A rough estimate can be made about it on the basis inference drawn from population’s surveys.

One of the most popular methods for predicting babies height is taking the composite of mother and fathers height subtracting by 5 inches for a girl and adding 5 inches for a boy.

Genetics play a major role in controlling your child’s height.

They are the major player in their overall growth. If your child is following the curve of growth then she is completely normal in her height and weight.


Height Percentile Calculator:

Height Percentile Calculator

Child Growth & Percentile App (Downloadable Link)

Height percentile calculator uses percentile the tool of statistics for estimating the height. Height percentile is the comparison of your baby’s height with the average height of the population of babies.

Stats of height percentile Calculator are only for information purposes not for medical purposes.  Many times result of height percentile calculator and baby percentile are not accurate.

As country, genetics, race etc play a major role in influencing height. Countries population’s avg. height also affects the estimated height from the height percentile calculator.


Baby Weight Predictor-:

As mentioned earlier height and physique depends on many factors such as nutrition, environment, genetics etc. Baby weight predictor can only help in predicting the weight of your baby.

They also play the important role in calculating baby percentile. Birth weight is important to the obstetrician, it helps him/her prepare for the delivery.

One of the most popular methods of predicting baby weight is through ultrasound. Ultrasound has a high accuracy rate but as ultrasound also has some side-effects.

A new method using equations has been developed which has been proven to be just as accurate as the ultrasound method.

The equation takes in to account the stage of pregnancy, mother’s height and weight, third-trimester weight gain rate, the number of other children, and fetal sex.

Based on all this data the weight of the baby is estimated. The equation has high-efficiency and the effective rate at par with the rate of ultrasound.

This method does not require additional tantrums such as testing additional, equipment, staff etc.

Though the survey population for this question can affect the weight of the baby if his parents belong out of the race of those surveyed.


Weight Percentile Calculator:

Weight percentile calculator helps in predicting your baby’s estimated weight and his/her growth in comparison to other babies.

Many times parents worry that their baby has less weight or is overweight.

Weight percentile calculator predicts weight percentile based on the body height and weight of toddlers and preschoolers.

This percentile visualizes how your child’s weight and growth is compared to that of other children of almost similar body.

It is also a comparative analysis of what percentage of children weigh less than your child. It also takes in account baby percentile.

For example, out of a group of 100 babies, your baby percentile is 80th. It shows that your baby weighs more than 80 babies while weighing less than 20 other babies.


Weight Percentile Girl:

Weight percentile girl refers to the growth, the weight of your girl child. For this purpose the weight percentile chart for girls of WHO is used. Calculation of percentile is basic statistics.

But the data fed on its basis percentile for your girl child is to be calculated is based on the records of WHO. It is a comparison of your baby’s growth and weight with that of another girl child of the population.

Though weight percentile girl is better when related and used with height percentile of your baby which helps in understanding the all-round growth of your girl child.

Overall baby percentile in case of girls is also very important. As it is helpful for the parents to check the pace and trend of growth of their baby.

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