Baby Pee | How Often Should A Baby Urinate?

How Often A Baby Should Urinate?baby pee

In the initial few months, it is important to notice how often baby is urinating. It gives a clear indication of the baby’s health. Baby’s Pee can vary from light yellow to pale yellow color. If the baby pee is darker (pale yellow) it gives a clear sign of more concentration and hence the child is not having the right amount of liquid intake or breastfeeding.

Baby’s pee varies with age and amount of liquid intake from time to time.

If you wonder how many times a baby should pee in a day. The answer to this would vary. A baby’s bladder is very small in size and would hold approx. 15ml of liquid at a time and therefore babies pee very frequently.

Here are some of the thumb rule for frequency of baby urine:

  • According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, it is common for newborn babies to produce almost 6-8 diapers in a day. Since they have a very small bladder, therefore, they will pee several times. (more often in every 3 hours)
  • For older babies (4-6 Months) since they have grown and can have solid food would urinate in 4 to 6 hours.
  • This frequency may go up in winters while in extremely hot weather this will certainly come down.

Baby Urinating A Lot:

There is a condition of overactive bladder which would result in involuntary urine release. In this condition, the baby pees a lot than usual. The urinary tube is also affected in this condition.

  • Infections in the urinary tract which becomes inflamed also result in frequent baby urination.
  • Pollakiuria or daytime urine syndrome is a cause of frequent urination. Babies with this syndrome will feel an urge to pee in every 10 minutes or may be 10 to 30 times each day.

Newborn Baby Not Passing Urine     

There are so many things to notice with a small baby. In the initial few hours of birth, a baby will urinate in almost 12 hours.

Since they can’t intake a lot of milk from mother’s breast and hence a very little amount of urine is passed.

This is normal in initial days as the rule is simple, less you intake, less you produce and less is given out.

There are certain cases where you need to worry and consult a doctor.

  • Blood in the diaper (the reason is undiscovered).
  • The frequency of urination is not increasing at all.
  • Pain in urination.
  • More concentrated urine (pale yellow)

Orange Urine in Baby Diaper  

This is one of the alarming sign for a baby and in this condition you should consult a doctor. This problem is also called as brick stain and contains calcium and urate (substances found in urine).

This also denotes that the baby is dehydrated or is not getting enough milk from mother’s breast. The urine becomes concentrated and orange pinkish in colour.

Blood in Baby Urine Diaper  

As the urine gets concentrated leaves a pinkish orange stain on a diaper which is mistaken as blood. However, when a baby increases its feed the colour of urine starts getting less concentrated and the bladder is cleaned and therefore stains will disappear.

You can consult a doctor if the problem persist and after the baby is not urinating enough even after the right amount of milk and liquid intake.

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