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Baby Nasal Congestionbaby nasal congestion

In the first few months of birth, if you notice that the baby often has a breathing which is more like a stuffy nose or which sounds like a stuffy nose. This sound is because a baby has spent nine months in amniotic fluid, it has been swimming in amniotic fluid that when it was born some of it was left in the nasal passage and newborn nasal congestion is experienced.  This baby nasal congestion disappears as the time passes by.

Causes Of Baby Nasal Congestion-

Common cold or even viral infections cause baby nasal congestion. Infection regarding respiratory system directly affects the baby’s breathing.

Low humidity and dry air also can cause the stuffy nose to an infant. When air is dry without any moisture then it causes irritation to the nose.

Teething is also one of the reasons for baby nasal congestion. Gums swell up and make the nasal passage even smaller.

Baby Blocked Nose Sleeping Position

Elevating your baby’s head will reduce the discomfort of a stuffy nose of your child.

You should lay down your baby in an inclined position, it actually helps the baby to sleep.

Keep a pillow under the top of the mattress where baby’s head rests all night. It will increase the inclining position and will definitely help to solve the problem of baby blocked nose sleeping position.

Baby Stuffy Nose At Night  

Babies have narrow nasal passages and those nasal passages can easily get blocked during the night and cause baby nasal congestion. Baby’s stuffy nose at night results in trouble in breathing.

Sometimes it becomes so severe that immediate medication is required. During the time period of 3-4 months, nose congestion is normal. It is due to the small, maturing nasal passage, baby nasal congestion occurs.

Nasal Congestion in Infants Home Remedies  

Home remedies should always give first preference for newborn nasal congestion:

Nose is blocked due to cold and cold happens because of the low immune system. Breast milk is considered to be the best medication for infants. Breast milk has all the nutrients and antibodies which are required to strengthen the immune system of the baby.

  • A few droplets of breast milk helps in opening up the nasal passage.
  • Eucalyptus oil also plays a major role in the treatment of a cold. It is used to open the blocked baby nasal (baby nasal congestion). But the smell of this oil is strong for the infants so a sprinkling of the oil over the pillow of an infant would help.
  • During the cold, keep your baby hydrated because it will keep the mucus thin.
  • Run a hot shower to create steam in the bathroom and then sit in the bathroom for a while so that steam opens up the blocked nasal passage.

Remedy For Blocked Nose At Night  

Following are some of the remedies for a blocked nose at night-

  • Sprinkle a little saline spray or rub it on baby’s nose at bedtime so that mucus loosens up and then with the help of nasal aspirator suck it up. This will definitely help the baby to sleep well at night.
  • You can keep a humidifier in a where baby sleeps so that air remains moist and loosens the congestion.
  • Elevating your baby’s head will reduce the discomfort of a stuffy nose of your child.
  • Place a folded towel under the mattress in order to raise the head of your baby. This will simply allow the baby to sleep with less congestion.


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