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To all the mothers out there planning to improve their baby’s diet towards formula food, it’s time to start preparing your recipe.

As now you start with your baby formula feed, there must be various questions arising in your mind. Let us now look forward towards the frequently asked questions related to baby formula feed by new mothers.

When To Introduce Formula To A Breastfed Baby?

When To Introduce Formula To A Breastfed Baby

As soon the mothers are discharged from the hospital, they are recommended to breastfeed their baby for some days. But sooner after about 2-3 weeks, when the baby becomes healthier, you can start with the baby formula feed.

In case the mother is not able to generate proper milk then also is recommended that you start with the baby formula feed. Breast Milk is still an important component of the baby’s diet which cannot be replaced and the baby formula must be consumed as a supplement.

When Switching Between Breastfeeding With Formula Feed?

Just when the baby is healthy enough to digest formula feed you may start feeding the baby with baby formula.

Now if the baby responds positively to the formula, you may continue with this and switch breastfeeding with baby formula feed. But for about a year, breastfeeding should not be completely replaced since the breast milk contains some nutrients which are the most essential for the baby for now and for a lifetime.

What Are Formula Feeding Advantages?

What Are Formula Feeding Advantages

Here when we compare breastfeed with baby formula feed, the breastfeeding is incomparable. But in some aspects, formula feed has some advantages also:

  1. The baby formula helps the baby in gaining longer satisfaction since the baby is relatively hardly digestible and hence helps the body to retain the food for a longer time.
  2. It becomes easier for you to monitor the overall baby intake of the food.
  3. It gives more freedom to the mothers as now they don’t have to be constantly attached to the baby and it becomes comfortable for anyone to feed the baby even if the mother is not able to feed at the moment.
  4. There are fewer dietary demands and the mother can now be a bit more tension free since most of the nutrition is already consumed by the baby.
  5. Formula feed through a bottle is more of a comfortable process than breastfeeding as the latter becomes embarrassing during public encounters.

How Do I Know If I Should Use Powder Or Liquid Formula For My Baby?

Be the formula powder or liquid, you have to choose according to your own comfort zone because in both the states the ingredients are almost the same.

Here, the powdered formula has to be made into the liquid while the liquid formula is ready to eat. So as per your personal convenience and your daily schedule make your choice.

What Is The Best Formula To Feed Baby?

What Is The Best Formula To Feed Baby

Make sure you use some iron-fortified infant formula for your baby and carefully check the expiry date.

Some of the best baby formulas to feed baby are:

  1.  Vermont Organic Infants
  2. Similac sensitive
  3. Enfamil Nutramigen
  4. Gerber Good Start
  5. Earth’s Best Sensitivity
  6. Earth’s Best C10045NA
  7. Enfamil Infant
  8. Similac Advance Optigro

Do You Have To Boil Bottled Water For Formula?

Babies especially newborn are super sensitive and they just require something more than usual. They need more care and of course, their diet has to be taken off really well.

Bottled water in normal conditions is safe for a grown up but for an infant, it not optimally sterilized. Now for baby formula, you should make sure that the bottled water is boiled up to almost 70° C further it should be cooled down before feeding the baby.

How Long Do Babies Need Formula?

Babies don’t turn to solid foods really soon but generally from about 6 months baby, according to their diet, health and their digestion they may start to consume

some solid foods and thereafter once the baby is properly used to the solid food, the baby formula may be replaced.

What Is The Formula To Water Ratio?

What Is The Best Formula To Feed Baby

The formula to water ratio for the baby formula feed must be accurate enough, i.e., neither too dry nor too fluid. Make sure that for every one scoop of formula, you use about 2 ounces of water.

How Many Ounces Should A Baby Eat?

 Baby Formula Feeding Schedule?

Below the age of six months keeps your baby exclusively on breastfeeding, if anyhow cannot provide breastfeed then may start formula feed till six months.

Click Here for baby formula feed quantity 0 – 24 months with the feeding schedule. The age-wise Baby feed chart will help you to measure how much amount of breastfeeding/ formula feed along with or without solid foods with feeding schedule is sufficient for your baby.

How To Prepare Formula Milk?

How To Prepare Formula Milk

Starting with the preparation of formula milk, firstly remember to sterilize your hands and the bottle. Now boil the water to up to 70°c which is an ideal condition to confirm that the water is free of germs.

Further, let the water cool down for some time. Once the water is cooled down, Pour the water in the baby bottle, let’s say 4 oz. of water, now measure 2 equal scoops of powder and pour it into the water.

Once finished doing this, shake the bottle through and fro until the formula and water are properly mixed.

Now once again test the temperature of the mixture. If it feels any warmer for the baby keep the bottle under running tap water and allow it to cool further.

Don’t let the water cross the neck of the bottle. Finally, confirm the temperature by pouring a little drop of it on the inner side of your wrist. It must be lukewarm.

What Temperature Should The Baby Formula Be?

Ideally, the temperature for the baby formula feed must be lukewarm. It shouldn’t be warmer for the baby. High temperatures can be harmful to the baby’s throat and intestine. It must feel lukewarm on the testing some drops on the inner side of your wrist.

How To Make Formula Bottles In Advance?

It is generally not recommended to prepare formula bottles in advance rather prepare a fresh bottle every time before feeding the baby.

Now there may arise some circumstances where you have to prepare the bottle in advance. In such a case prepare the bottle and immediately store in the refrigerator.

Consume it within 10-12 hours after storing since in any other case the bottle may develop bacteria and may prove to be harmful to the baby.

Formula Feeding Guidelines?

Formula Feeding Guidelines

Feeding your baby can be a very precious moment for both the mother and the baby. There are various guidelines which are to be followed while feeding your baby:

  1. Before feeding your baby, sterilize your hands and bottle. While in the last minute take the top off to avoid breeding to germs.
  2. While feeding the baby, keep its head elevated. The head should be at a higher level to the legs so that the milk can go down comfortably.
  3. Make sure that the bottle nipple is neither too big nor too small so that it does not slip from your baby’s mouth.
  4. If the baby is crying throughout, look into the reason. Babies generally cry but sometimes if the crying is unusual, there may be reasons like stomach ache, reflux or some other discomfort.
  5. Make sure that the nipple is full of milk and not empty. Sometimes the baby’s nipple is empty which tends the baby to gulp in more gas further which leads to crying of the baby. Be attentive that the baby’s bottle is full.
  6. Make eye contact while the baby is feeding and cherish the wonderful moments of bonding.

What Are The Bottle Feeding Positions For Breastfed Babies?

There are many different positions in which you can feed your baby. You can feed them in your arms with their head elevated.

You can feed them by making them lie on your lap but make sure not to crouch their stomach and throat. If you need some help you can place your baby in a high chair or even a bouncy seat and feed them this way.

How Do I Store My Baby’s Formula?

It is generally not advised to store the baby’s formula for a longer period rather prepare it fresh but in case you have to store the baby’s formula, store it in the refrigerator and use it up within 12 hours.

What Is The Best Way To Make Up Bottles For Night Feeds?

What Is The Best Way To Make Up Bottles For Night Feeds

It is generally not a favorable position when your baby is up during the early morning hours for the feed and you wait for the water to a first boil and then cools down and then mix and mash and repeat the entire process all night while your baby lays there crying.

So it is easier even though not recommended to prepare beforehand. Now once you prepare it, refrigerate it immediately for the night and when needed, just place the bottle for some time in warm water to bring to a normal temperature usually a bit lukewarm.

Using electric kettle can be a good suggestion to make formula at night be a hassle-free and with maintaining health safety of your baby.

Formula Feeding At Night Time?

One of the best advantages of formula feeding is that it usually frees the mother from the nighttime disturbance while the father can also participate in the feeding.

Keep the bottle sterilized and the water already boiled in a flask in case you are planning to prepare a fresh dose. Keep the lights dim and avoid much interaction with the baby while feeding at night.

Don’t allow the baby to be fresh and make it again as soon as possible. Don’t wake the baby up unnecessarily. Feed it only when it’s hungry.

How To Make Formula Milk When Out?

Everything is easier when you’re at home while the real trouble begins when you step out.

Similar is the case with baby formula feed. In case you are out with your baby if possible keep a ready to make or a liquid formula with you.

In the other case, keep all your tools ready. Keep your warm water flask in hand.

Boil the water beforehand. Make sure you sterilize the baby’s bottle before every feed.


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