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Baby Flat Head SyndromeBaby Flat Head

Baby flat head syndrome or “plagiocephaly” occurs when the head of the baby has a flat or indented spot or is misshapen. Plagiocephaly is seen to occur in 1 in out of 10 babies.

The baby flat head syndrome occurs in babies due to their soft skull as their bones are pliable, allowing the growth of the head which occurs in the first 3 years.

Positional plagiocephaly occurs due to tilting of the head on one side, which creates pressure on that side hence causing flat head syndrome.

The cases of plagiocephaly have increased due to the safe sleeping guidelines which prescribe the babies to sleep on their back to prevent them from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but following these guidelines is extremely important.

Plagiocephaly may occur in the womb of the mother mostly if she is carrying more than one child.

How To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome?

  • Tummy Time -: As mentioned above that these safe sleeping guidelines are to be followed while your baby is asleep, so babies must spend time on their tummy too which is often called as “tummy time” & is very necessary for babies as it helps in growth of the body of a child. ( tummy time should be given under supervision only)
  • Checking & Rotating Sleep Positions: proper note should be taken of babies sleeping position & the position of their head. To prevent asymmetry in head balanced use of both head sides must be done. Ex. If your child sleeps with head on the left side today then the next day it should sleep with the head on the right side which maintains equal pressure on both the sides.
  • Timely Checkup With Doctors: A time to time check-up with a doctor or child health nurse is important. Moreover, if you feel any kind of deformity in the shape of your child’s head or anything else immediately contact a doctor.
  • Allow Your Child To Move -: Allowing your child to move facilitates a range of movements to the child, which will help in the development of the baby. Especially the neck & shoulder muscles. Holding your child in an upright position, using infant carriers, try to avoid leaving your baby in one position.
  • Never Stick To One Position: Whether it is breastfeeding your baby, or setting up her crib or any other activity sticking to one position develops lopsidedness in the baby so switching sides is very necessary.

All these measures must be followed to prevent your baby from the flat head syndrome.

How To Treat Flat Head In Babies:

Flat Head Syndrome Treatment :

it requires proper attention and supervision on the babies, following are some measures to treat flat head in babies:

  • Following The Preventions -: Following the preventions gave above is very important as these also work as treatments for flat head syndrome & also prevents from further lopsidedness in the baby. These are simple steps that can be followed in daily activities & are very effective.
  • Repositional Therapy: It involves changing your babies position while sleeping, alternating holding sides while feeding the baby, giving tummy time while waking up in the morning will facilitate the development of motor skills, strengthens the neck and shoulder muscles. Changing the position of the crib is also found to be very much effective as it helps the child in switching head direction while in the crib.
  • Physical Therapy: Exercises and physical movements which must be recommended and taught by a therapist are a good way to treat or avoid plagiocephaly and maintain the overall growth of the body.

Many times the tilting in the neck is due to the undeveloped nerves of the neck on one side, these exercise help develop them.

Flat Head Syndrome Treatment

  • Use Of Helmet And Cranial Orthotic Therapy: In case of severe plagiocephaly many times doctor recommend a custom-fitted helmet or headband. It is worn by the child to prevent the head from one-sided pressure & applies a constant pressure which helps in overall development of child’s head.
  • Use Of Baby Flat Head Pillow: Where the cases are not so the severe baby flat head pillow is a more economical & effective option. It is designed to facilitate the overall growth of your child’s head. All these measures are helpful in flat head syndrome treatment.

  Baby Flat Head Pillow:

The baby flat head pillow is a very effective option for rounding out the shape of the head of your baby but while choosing a flat head syndrome pillow following features must be looked at -:

  • Checking For The Fabric & Allergies: As we know babies are very sensitive and have the tender skin so the quality, make, fabric, type of dyes used, the color of the flat head pillow and its washing instructions to maintain the hygiene must be looked at.
  • Fit And Size Of The Pillow:  The size of the baby flat head pillow and its use depends on the presence of the spot and the body of the baby, so the size of the pillow must be according to the baby.
  • Must Allow Movement: As it is being said from the beginning that movement for the child is very necessary, the pillow must not obstruct in the movement of baby’s head and prevent her from getting a stiff neck.
  • Reviews As Wells As Suit Your Need: Trusted and popular baby flat head pillows are a welcome as well as those which are found to be most effective in many cases but suiting of your need is also very important & must be kept in mind while making a choice.

baby Flat Head pillowErgonomic high-density memory foam pillow for your baby which ensures the most comfortable neck position for sleeping. This baby neck pillow is safe as it is super soft and does not restrict your baby’s movement.

This baby head shaper pillow helps your baby develop a round head over time with its contoured pillow center.

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Baby Flat Head: When To Worry?

Normally a baby’s head will round out on its own but it is a matter of concern if it lasts too long. Moreover, the treatment of flat head in babies is easy and effective in early age as the skull is soft and pliable. So consulting a doctor on the first encounter with the spot is always the best option.

If crookedness in the neck of the child is seen then it is the reason why the baby is getting a flat head so it is also a matter of concern & in such cases meeting with a physical therapist is recommended.

If in 6 months of age when your baby starts to crawl and make more movements, if you don’t see any improvement then it is also a matter of concern. So in cases of the baby flat head when to worry it varies from baby to baby.

Flat Head Syndrome In Adults:

Flat Head Syndrome in adults occurs mostly as a result of neglecting the flat head in young age. It can also occur at any age if a person stays in one spine position for too long but these cases are less encountered.

The effects of plagiocephaly in adult age starts to look more asymmetrical, hence flat head syndrome adults create Ups and downs in the ears, eyes, crookedness in the head.

Plagiocephaly in adults can’t be treated and it becomes a social issue for the person and lowers one’s self –confidence. So, it’s very important to pay attention to the shape of the head in the babies as it can easily be taken care of at that time. Flat Head syndrome in adults is incurable.

Plagiocephaly Or Baby Flat Head Syndrome is becoming a very common problem in babies and it must be paid attention to, though it can be easily treated in beginning age as time passes it becomes more complicated to be treated.

In, adult age it will become a social jargon for your child, so it requires attention and proper care.

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